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    1414Fools' Day joke in 2001, Simon Cozens published "Programming Parrot", a 
    1515fictional interview between Guido van Rossum and Larry Wall detailing their 
    1616plans to merge Python and Perl into a new language called Parrot 
    17 (U<http://www.perl.com/pub/a/2001/04/01/parrot.htm>). 
    1919=head2 Parrot Resources 
    2121The starting point for all things related to Parrot is the main website 
    22 U<http://www.parrot.org/>. The site lists additional resources, well as recent 
     22L<http://www.parrot.org/>. The site lists additional resources, well as recent 
    2323news and information about the project and the Parrot Foundation, which holds 
    2424the copyright over Parrot and helps guide development and the community. 
    2828Parrot includes extensive documentation in the distribution. The full 
    2929documentation for the latest release is available online at 
    30 U<http://docs.parrot.org/>. 
    3232=head3 Mailing Lists 
    3838you're interested in getting involved in development, you may also want to 
    3939follow the I<parrot-commits> and I<parrot-tickets> lists.  Information on all 
    4040the Parrot mailing lists and subscription forms for each is available at 
    41 U<http://lists.parrot.org/mailman/listinfo>. 
    4343The archives for I<parrot-dev> are also available on Google Groups at 
    44 U<http://groups.google.com/group/parrot-dev> and via NNTP at 
    45 U<nntp://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.compilers.parrot.devel>. 
     44L<http://groups.google.com/group/parrot-dev> and via NNTP at 
    4747=head3 IRC 
    5050X<IRC channel (#parrot)> 
    5252Parrot developers and users congregate on IRC at C<#parrot> on the 
    53 U<irc://irc.parrot.org> server. It's a good place to get real-time answers to 
     53L<irc://irc.parrot.org> server. It's a good place to get real-time answers to 
    5454questions or see how things are progressing. 
    5656=head3 Issue Tracking & Wiki 
    5858X<trac.parrot.org website> 
    5959X<issue tracking (trac.parrot.org)> 
    61 Parrot developers track issues with a Trac site at U<https://trac.parrot.org/>. 
     61Parrot developers track issues with a Trac site at L<https://trac.parrot.org/>. 
    6262Users can submit new tickets and track the status of existing tickets.  The 
    6363site also includes a wiki used in project development, a source code browser, 
    6464and the project roadmap. 
    7070Parrot's first release occurred in September 2001.  It reached 1.0 in March 
    71712009. The Parrot project makes releases on the third Tuesday of each month. Two 
    72 releases a year E<mdash> occuring every January and July E<mdash> are 
     72releases a year -- occuring every January and July -- are 
    7373"supported" releases intended for production use.  The other ten releases are 
    7474development releases for language implementers and testers. 
    147147X<HLL developer role> 
    149149Developers who work on any of the high-level languages that target 
    150 ParrotE<mdash>such as Lua, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, or TclE<mdash>are 
     150Parrot--such as Lua, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, or Tcl--are 
    151151high-level language developers. The Parrot repository includes a few example 
    152152languages. A full list of languages is available at 
    153 U<https://trac.parrot.org/parrot/wiki/Languages>. 
    155155=item Build Manager