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#245 pdd28-strings allison roadmap critical medium
#71 Fix class registry to allow HLL classes of identical names chromatic bug major medium
#213 wrong link order, fix win32 make installable rurban bug blocker trunk fatal
#8 Various issues with get_class interface whiteknight todo major medium
#178 [TODO] remove PMC_struct_val from src/gc/mark_sweep.c whiteknight todo normal medium
#182 src/pmc/Namespace.pmc:get_pointer_keyed should accept NameSpace arguments whiteknight bug normal medium
#233 [BUG] check_named reads past the end of an array whiteknight bug normal trunk high
#181 Update VTABLE_morph to use a class PMC Whiteknight todo normal medium
#318 t/op/arithmetics.t: Two new test failures observed at r36587 bug normal trunk medium
#221 deprecated: all socket-related opcodes -- todo critical trunk medium
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