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#83 [patch]remove unused code, change function to macro, redefined UNUSED macro whiteknight patch trivial core
#169 Duplicate line in PBC_COMPAT whiteknight todo minor docs trunk
#123 remove more hard-coded runtime/ paths from libs rurban todo critical install branch
#33 [proposal] remove compilers/bcg whiteknight RFC minor none
#48 segfault exposed by partcl's t/cmd_break.t bug blocker none
#60 Refactor Integer.PMC overflow mechanism to use VTABLES whiteknight todo normal none
#90 remove all [DEPRECATED] items coke todo critical none
#121 t/pmc/eval.t test10 fails on cygwin rurban bug normal none
#130 [bug] failed build on windows xp with strawberry perl rurban bug normal none trunk
#184 Methods on the Float PMC bug normal none trunk
#25 PCT honors HLL pmichaud bug normal PCT
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