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#3 PDD09 GC System Whiteknight feature major core
#4 opcode deprecation review todo minor core
#22 Re-evaluate max. number of get_args values -- todo minor core trunk
#23 [core] Re-evaluate max. number of get_args values -- todo minor core trunk
#27 still works and directs to old ticket system -- bug major core
#192 deprecated: tqueue pmc jkeenan todo normal core trunk
#210 string_repeat siganture, maybe bug NotFound todo normal core
#280 BigNum PMC rurban RFC minor core
#345 pbc_to_exe needs to be created as installable version aswell -- bug normal core trunk
#381 dynpmc libs missing and minor win32 fixes bug blocker core
#384 pbc_dump -h should not fail on version mismatch rurban todo trivial core
#407 post-1.0 pbc reader policy todo abandoned core
#32 Document Parrot backwards compatability policy allison todo normal docs trunk
#89 pct user docs pmichaud todo normal docs
#239 parrot user documentation, objects, pmcs, dynops, etc (rescheduled from 0.9.0) allison roadmap normal docs
#311 [BUG] Files listed in both MANIFEST and MANIFEST.generated jkeenan bug minor docs trunk
#238 ability to create dynoplibs and dynpmclibs from installed parrot (rescheduled from 0.9.0) particle roadmap critical install
#267 Rakudo Perl moves to its own repository todo minor language
#315 What languages to move? RFC normal language
#109 remove File::Spec -- RFC normal library
#1 [META] Parrot 1.0 meta critical none
#166 Install path on Win32 rurban todo normal none trunk
#241 pdd planning & milestone edits particle roadmap critical none
#242 pdd23-exceptions, describe reality, user docs, exception types tene roadmap normal none
#243 pdd20-lexicals, design docs pmichaud roadmap critical none
#246 windows porting, windows subprocesses particle roadmap critical none trunk
#257 remove Zcode coke RFC minor none
#303 move languages/urm out of the repository todo normal none
#405 amd64 --optimize rurban patch major none trunk
#416 remove "Copyright" subversion property from files cage normal none
#417 test failures on x86/64 Ubuntu 8.10 bug normal none trunk
#419 test failures and passing todos on MacOS 10.5.6 bug normal none trunk
#420 Test failures and TODO passes with make fulltest on Ubuntu Intrepid i386 at r37197 -- bug normal none
#425 test failures in -r runcore bug normal none
#428 Test failures and TODO passes summary for Linux AMD64 (Kubuntu Intrepid) at r37267 -- bug normal none trunk
#439 [CAGE] Need test files for packfile annotation PMCs cage normal none
#305 Fix online documentation todo normal website
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