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#399 verify Parrot against key HLL builds prior to release todo critical core
#247 mmd & subclasses (resolve mmd tickets) allison roadmap major none
#344 Can't create working installed parrot for macports jkeenan bug major install
#347 improve install_files for binaries rurban todo major install
#38 t/op/trans.t:atan2 fails in JIT core jkeenan bug normal core
#168 Deprecated: P6protoobject stringification pmichaud todo normal none
#190 deprecated: ref pmc todo normal none
#237 pdd19-pir, user docs (rescheduled from 0.9.0) tene roadmap normal docs
#240 todo/skip test review particle cage normal none
#314 .HLL_map doesn't do what we want coke todo normal core
#349 web site updates (1.0.0 roadmap item) infinoid roadmap normal website
#373 Remove the Bound_NCI PMC bug normal none
#415 experimental ops safe to remove? RFC normal none
#447 [CAGE] src/hash.c cleanup: fix functions taking a Hash** arg cage normal none
#477 generated HTML should respect "=begin PIR" coke patch normal none
#493 [RFC] - eliminate boilerplate function documentation coke RFC normal docs
#512 Porting parrot 1.0.0 to NetBSD/macppc -- bug normal core 1.0.0
#513 Improving portability of shell script used during build -- patch normal none 1.0.0
#535 [install] linking with an installed Parrot patch normal install
#564 [BUG] pmc_reuse() doesn't call old PMC's destroy() bug normal none
#177 [PATCH] ignore trailing spaces in action keys pmichaud patch minor PGE trunk
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