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#298 Change copyright notices jkeenan cage major none
#418 memmove segfault in I/O buffering whiteknight bug normal none trunk
#528 Clone and Modify in DynPMC VTABLE Initialization chromatic roadmap normal none
#570 packfile pmcs, bytecode gen library jonathan roadmap normal none
#667 t/examples/namespace.t fails @38789 bug normal none 1.1.0
#668 t/examples/streams.t fails @38789 coke bug normal none 1.1.0
#563 [CAGE] refactor type max/min detection out of config/auto/ jkeenan cage minor configure
#666 [PATCH] PLATFORMS update for 1.2 release for Solaris 8/SPARC/cc coke patch minor none 1.1.0
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