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#158 deprecated: :anon and :vtable named parameters to add_method NotFound todo major none
#751 test failures related to src/pmc/handle.pmc whiteknight cage major core trunk
#281 'make testf' fails on 32bit linux i386 (debuginfo.t) bug normal none
#455 [TODO] Change name of 'Parrot_add_library_path' to 'Parrot_pf_add_library_path_from_cstring' jkeenan todo normal none
#663 src/pmc.c:pmc_free() is unused bug normal none 1.1.0
#728 r39273 breaks 'make test' for tcl bacek bug normal none trunk
#750 Failures in examples_tests - t/examples/pod.t - fails 9 tests whiteknight bug normal docs trunk
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