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#494 [DEPRECATED] remove parrot_new_pmc_hash cage minor none
#862 remove fulltest_all make target jkeenan todo minor testing trunk
#108 remove Data::Replace? jkeenan RFC normal library
#155 Remove unused function Parrot_get_namespace_autobase whiteknight cage normal core
#156 remove unused function Parrot_find_global_k whiteknight cage normal core
#187 deprecated: dynpmc Pair coke todo normal none trunk
#440 move src/pbc_info.c to examples/c/pbc_sample.c jkeenan feature normal install trunk
#490 Remove support for non-default config options for's --gc whiteknight todo normal configure
#625 Deprecate Parrot_MMD_method_name and related defines. todo normal none
#664 new GC API & compatibility whiteknight patch normal none 1.1.0
#702 Remove stacks.c and stack-related ops whiteknight todo normal core 1.2.0
#727 remove config steps 'auto:macports' and 'auto:fink' jkeenan todo normal configure trunk
#753 Deprecate NCI/call_toolkit_init.* in favor of NCI/Utils.* todo normal library 1.2.0
#871 add 'rand' as a dynop dukeleto todo normal none
#925 Dynops are not installed with "make install" nor "make install-dev" dukeleto bug critical install 1.4.0
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