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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1841 Add 'osvers' key-value pair to jkeenan RFC normal configure 2.10.0
#1835 Assertion failure reading a single character from stdin nwellnhof bug normal none 2.10.0
#1778 Charset opcodes are deprecated nwellnhof deprecation normal core trunk
#1849 config failure post 2.10.0 dukeleto bug normal none 2.10.0
#1850 config failure post 2.10.0 jkeenan bug critical none master
#1852 errors in 2.10.0 dukeleto bug normal configure 2.10.0
#1848 delete placeholder t/tools/parrot_debugger.t dukeleto bug normal none 2.10.0
#1851 invalid NAME section in config/auto/ jkeenan bug trivial configure master
#1842 Linking against libparrot not as documented bug normal embed/extend 2.10.0
#1859 'make realclean' fails to remove release tarballs jkeenan bug normal tools 2.10.0
#1845 Need comparable revision information in parrot_config output dukeleto bug blocker configure 2.10.0
#1843 NetBSD fails compiling sysmem.c bug normal none 2.10.0
#1858 Parrot can't build with strawberry perl bug normal none 2.10.0
#1853 pkg-config support deprecation normal none 2.10.0
#1847 runtime/parrot/library/URI/Escape.pbc bug normal none trunk
#1837 Segmentation fault during make fulltest bug normal testing 2.10.0
#1785 src/pmc/oplib.pmc, src/pmc/resizeablestringarray.pmc: Deprecate duplicated VTABLE functions in jkeenan deprecation normal core 2.7.0
#1839 "stdin.'read'(n)" returns only null characters nwellnhof bug normal none 2.10.0
#1846 win32 compile fails on sysmem.c on mingw gcc 4.5 (w. workaround) -- bug normal build 2.10.0

Status: new (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#1838 a ticket about the ticket system bug normal website 2.10.0
#1857 Change remaining deprecated usages of set/get _addr to set/get _label bug normal core 2.10.0
#1834 Confusing error message on dynop version mismatch bug normal core 2.10.0
#1802 PMC Creation Functions Can Cause Segfaults bug major embed/extend 2.8.0
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