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#448 [TODO] Migrate non-essential PMCs to dynpmcs coke deprecation normal none
#449 [TODO] Migrate non-essential ops to dynops plobsing deprecation normal core
#876 Deprecate pushaction, pushmark, popmark coke RFC normal none 1.4.0
#1427 RetContinuation PMC deprecation normal core trunk
#1461 compilers/json coke deprecation normal none 2.1.0
#1462 compilers/nqp coke deprecation normal none 2.1.0
#1467 Deprecate the digest dynpmcs. darbelo deprecation normal none 2.1.0
#1563 Deprecation of unused runcores deprecation normal none 2.2.0
#1568 `make smoke` reports a timeout error -- bug normal testing
#1569 Missing tapir docs (pod/man) dukeleto bug normal tools trunk
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