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#847 Interpreter - 'exec' and 'spawn' should split own args new todo normal
#817 [pmc2c] don't require custom #defines for private flags new cotto cage minor
#816 PMC 'Undef' does not support logical_not new -- bug normal
#806 Test.readdir is not skipped on Win32 even though it appears that it should be new -- bug normal
#802 freeze opcode segfaults on working bytecode from Rakudo new whiteknight bug normal
#800 Parrot assumes command line arguments are ASCII new chromatic bug normal
#799 Configure should explicitly check for symbolic link capability on Linux new -- bug minor
#792 Bug in subroutine calling conventions new bug normal
#787 add vtables for: get_pmc_keyed{_int,_str,}_lvalue ; and similarly for slice new -- todo normal
#781 [CAGE] Copyedit docs/user/pir/* new -- cage normal
#777 .HLL should not case-mangle its arg new -- RFC major
#775 Simplify makefile rules on windows. new bug major
#774 deprecate PMC multiple inheritance new cotto RFC normal
#760 readline_interactive method no longer returns PMCNULL on eof new whiteknight patch blocker
#754 cross-HLL export/import is experimental reopened experimental normal
#748 memory leak in IMCC new chromatic bug normal
#709 Pmc2c should generate mark and destroy VTABLES new cotto todo normal
#707 [RFC] StringHandle interface assigned NotFound RFC normal
#706 Out of mem (PASM, compreg, invokecc) new -- bug normal
#697 Parrot::Test "language_output_is" fails in installed parrot. new -- bug normal
#676 Fix namespace pollution new whiteknight cage minor
#674 [doc] POD escape B<> is not handled in verbatim section new patch normal
#659 CONST_STRING in a dynop new feature minor
#650 Pmc2c requires major refactoring. new cage normal
#649 Should parrot_config report separate inst_ and build variables? new whiteknight RFC normal
#624 pluggable everything new allison roadmap normal 2.11
#622 serialize/resumable execution new roadmap normal 2.11
#616 compacting/copying gc new roadmap normal 3.0
#607 ordered destruction new roadmap major 2.11
#600 bytecode testing framework new roadmap normal 3.0
#599 bytecode generation from post new bacek roadmap normal 2.6
#598 bytecode migration tool new roadmap normal 3.0
#593 standard seed libraries (postgres, opengl, etc) new roadmap normal 2.5
#592 Add documentation for parrot_debugger new allison roadmap normal 2.5
#579 build failure on Solaris/x86 with GCC and native assembler new -- bug normal
#568 hll interop new whiteknight roadmap normal 2.6
#567 pdd31-hll interop new whiteknight roadmap normal 2.6
#566 export conventions (cross hll) new roadmap normal 2.6
#565 remove optional features from default config, refactor config probes new -- roadmap normal 3.0
#562 subclassing basic number types fails to inherit basic ops like add, sub, mul and div new kjs bug critical
#560 When we can't find a library, we shouldn't silently continue and give weird errors later assigned whiteknight todo trivial
#559 [doc] POD escape E<> is not handled by HTML generation new bug normal
#558 [doc] < is not always escaped in HTML generation new bug normal
#555 perldoc detection fails if build runs as root reopened -- bug normal
#545 PackFile_unpack followed by PackFile_pack produces wrong results. new bug normal
#540 installed versions of dynext/*.so still link to -lparrot in build directory reopened jkeenan bug normal
#525 smolder: show which tests passed unexpectedly. new todo minor
#508 JSON libraries should be renamed to something less confusing reopened -- patch normal
#505 avoid 2038 bug new todo minor
#486 When using struct array of size 1 get "Non existent array element in struct: count = 1 max=1" new -- bug minor
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