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#1150 test all parrot command line flags new darbelo todo minor
#457 t/dynpmc/os.t has invalid stat() and lstat() tests. new bug normal
#1160 t/compilers/tge/grammar.t: failure in 'two rules of the same name' new todo normal
#1476 t/compilers/pct/past.t: Complete desired tests new todo normal
#1323 t/compilers/imcc/syn/clash.t: Is test complete? new plobsing todo normal
#2193 tailcall to fails with overriden init new bug normal
#1903 tailcall method invocation pops exception handlers new whiteknight bug normal
#1300 sysinfo_s opcode incomplete new todo minor
#1747 Switch shift and pop for reverse iterators new RFC normal
#1522 sweep-free gc new roadmap normal 2.6
#1108 Subs in "built-in PMC" namespaces are treated as PMC methods new -- bug normal
#2341 Subscribe Today For Only $5 new normal 2.11
#1523 subroutine leave semantics/exit handlers new roadmap normal 2.5
#1442 Sub PMC should support getattribute new todo normal
#1112 Subject: Draft Parrot Book chapters no longer available on new bug normal
#2358 Subject: $50 for your first survey!er Your Subject Line Here new normal 2.11
#2044 Subclassing FileHandle new -- bug normal
#562 subclassing basic number types fails to inherit basic ops like add, sub, mul and div new kjs bug critical
#1639 StringHandle should be updated to use StringBuilder internally. assigned kthakore todo normal
#2167 Storable format breaks pmc2c when Perl is upgraded new RFC normal
#593 standard seed libraries (postgres, opengl, etc) new roadmap normal 2.5
#1228 src/pmc/integer.c: Implement Complex and BigInt RHS values for the pow() functions new todo normal
#1229 src/pmc/fixedpmcarray.pmc: get_repr() should use freeze/thaw new todo normal
#2133 src/extend.c Review new whiteknight RFC normal
#1259 src/debug.c: Correctly handle comparisons of PMCs with constants new todo normal
#2266 Spring Specials from The LASIK Vision Institute new normal 2.11
#2267 Spring Specials from The LASIK Vision Institute new normal 2.11
#2268 Spring Specials from The LASIK Vision Institute new normal 2.11
#2269 Spring Specials from The LASIK Vision Institute new normal 2.11
#848 'spawnw' return value: make it OS-independent new bug normal
#304 Some files copyright Melvin Smith new allison bug normal
#1054 Some documents at are missing data. new bug normal
#525 smolder: show which tests passed unexpectedly. new todo minor
#1946 Smolder parrot feed incorrect URLS. new bug normal 2.11
#1434 Slim down selection of mathematics vtables new RFC normal
#2240 Slash your Mortgage by $3,000 with this SIMPLE Trick - See below new normal 2.11
#2241 Skin Care Treatment That Has Taken Hollywood By Storm new normal 2.11
#2038 Singleton PMCs are deprecated new deprecation trivial 3.9
#775 Simplify makefile rules on windows. new bug major
#649 Should parrot_config report separate inst_ and build variables? new whiteknight RFC normal
#1662 Should NameSpace entries be available through a hash-like interface? new RFC normal
#2174 Sharpen Support Policy for Windows, Then Implement It! new todo normal
#1886 set_string_native() not implemented in class 'TclString' assigned whiteknight bug critical
#622 serialize/resumable execution new roadmap normal 2.11
#1695 Segmentation fault when calling .finish on unopend postgres connection new bug normal
#2318 See this & You'll Quit your day job now!!! new normal 2.11
#2237 [Second Notice] Invitation - Please Complete Your Profile new normal 2.11
#1238 SDL tests new todo normal
#2348 Say Hello To The The Laptop Killer new normal 2.11
#2329 Say good bye to Diets new normal 2.11
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