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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#2130 Cannot run examples/library/ncurses_life.pir new bubaflub bug normal
#2109 Can't find asm/errno.h new bug normal
#132 Can't thaw a Sub (or a PIR subclass of a Sub) new plobsing bug normal
#218 change function of get_addr and set_addr reopened whiteknight deprecation normal
#1332 change get_string on FPA, RPA (et al?) new feature normal
#1857 Change remaining deprecated usages of set/get _addr to set/get _label new bug normal 2.10
#2380 Cheap Window Replacement - Lower Your Energy Bill Now new normal 2.11
#2397 Chevy clearence invitation new normal 2.11
#880 class associated to namespace ["parrot";"Class"] gets overridden new -- bug normal
#2403 CleverDevice Makes iPad Typing Easy and Enjoyable new normal 2.11
#1015 clone_p_p segfaults with self-referential Hash pmc. new whiteknight bug normal
#285 cmp/bitwise/other mmd vtable functions should not go through proxy pmc new -- bug normal
#2103 cmp_pmc not working in extend_vtable new bug normal
#2048 cmp_pmc vtable acting wonky new whiteknight bug normal
#922 Coding standard tests for examples/ directories without tests assigned dukeleto todo normal
#616 compacting/copying gc new roadmap normal 3.0
#2245 Complete the Kroger Shopping Survey & Claim Your Gift Card new normal 2.11
#2270 Complete the Kroger Shopping Survey & Claim Your Gift Card new normal 2.11
#2236 Complete the Save a Lot Grocery Survey & Claim Your $25 Visa Gift Card new normal 2.11
#358 complex NaN assigned dukeleto bug normal
#855 config/init/ Profiling options are too specific to GCC assigned jkeenan bug minor
#1831 config problem with glui library on ubuntu 10.04 new -- bug normal
#1840 Config step to detect RTEMS new dukeleto feature normal
#1239 configuration: define MIN/MAX macros for all integral typedefs new cage normal
#1390 Configure doesn't check for a 'curses' lib in the readline test new -- bug normal
#1046 allows sizeof(INTVAL) != sizeof(void *), but parrot requires them to be equal. new bug normal
#2031 bug in Gentoo new bug normal
#2003 from tools/dev/ doesn't play nice with git assigned dukeleto bug major
#1044 relies too heavily on perl5 ccflags settings. assigned jkeenan bug normal
#799 Configure should explicitly check for symbolic link capability on Linux new -- bug minor
#1176 Configure-time check for whether to use powl() or pow(), since powl() is an optional posix extension new bug normal
#1834 Confusing error message on dynop version mismatch new bug normal 2.10
#2187 "Constant Table" is misleading new bug normal
#659 CONST_STRING in a dynop new feature minor
#1413 Convert to new particle meta normal
#1386 Convert t/pmc/exporter.t to PIR new -- cage minor
#2165 Coredumping Parrot with only 2 lines of PASM for fun and profit new bug normal
#1292 Correct destruction of PackFile objects new bug normal
#2589 Courier was unable to deliver the parcel, ID000764232 new normal 2.11
#2578 Cover all of your Appliances With Choice Home Warranty new normal 2.11
#2567 Crazy Engineer Humiliates Energy Fat Cats new normal 2.11
#1470 Create a get_numeric_pmc VTABLE new RFC normal
#1299 create tests for Config/JSON.pbc new todo normal
#1043 create YAML::Emitter::Syck that does what Data::Dumper does. new todo trivial
#2387 Credit Cards for All Credit Types - Find Them Here new normal 2.11
#754 cross-HLL export/import is experimental reopened experimental normal
#2196 cygwin build fails new bug normal 2.11
#2292 Dad's Alzheimer's Kills Son (Tragedy..) new normal 2.11
#2293 Dad's Alzheimer's Kills Son (Tragedy..) new normal 2.11
#2396 Dark UNDER-EYE CIRCLES No More (AWESOME TRICK) new normal 2.11
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