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#2279 Moms- Take Surveys, Earn Money. It's that simple! new normal 2.11
#1870 Move OpenGL Bindings to their own project/repo new whiteknight deprecation normal
#1589 Move . to the end of the library search path new soh_cah_toa bug critical
#339 msvc+mingw detection new todo normal
#1088 Multidispatch 'concatenate_str' does not handle LHS undef new -- bug normal
#1109 MultiSub PMC does not support get_namespace method new -- bug normal
#2331 My Insulin Shots are a thing of The Past new normal 2.11
#1718 `NameSpace.add_sub($name, &sub)` does not honor given name for methods new -- bug normal
#1992 [NCI] callback sub parameter definition isn't unified with callback definition in the C lib. new bug normal
#1582 NCI_FB_CB and NCI_FB_UD in iglobals new experimental normal
#1173 NCI segfaults with null pcc_params_signature new bug normal
#955 need ability to create tempfile from PIR assigned whiteknight todo normal
#1165 need ability to dispatch to parent's method or vtable from PIR new allison RFC normal
#1197 Need some way to copy/rename files from parrot. new todo normal
#1139 Need tests for invoke_sigobject for Sub subclasses. new cage normal
#2299 Nerve pain relief new normal 2.11
#2271 Never Lose Your Data Again new normal 2.11
#2277 Never Lose Your Data Again new normal 2.11
#2111 new_s and new_s_i opcodes new deprecation trivial 3.9
#1743 N<note> formatting code is unsupported in HTML output new -- bug normal
#1033 no args checking for a sub without params new RFC normal
#1308 NQPrx does not vivify globals in all cases new pmichaud bug normal
#1510 NQP-rx doesn't create PMC for string // expressions assigned pmichaud bug normal
#1512 NQP-rx generates bad access code for non-twigiled attribute new pmichaud bug normal
#1766 n_regs_used in PBC files isn't checked new bug normal
#2232 Obama Waives Refi Requirement new normal 2.11
#1487 Object.find_method fails if PIR 'find_method' vtable override returns null new bug normal
#919 On Mac OS X 10.5.8, : lazy symbol binding failed assigned Util bug normal
#864 on Win32 binary install, parrot_config.exe contains false installation path new -- bug normal
#924 OpenGL examples not working on OS X new bug normal
#1971 Oplib paths are truncated in PBC files new dukeleto bug normal
#2147 ops2c and a variable with "return" in its name new dukeleto bug minor
#607 ordered destruction new roadmap major 2.11
#946 Order-of-destruction error with Scheduler PMC new bug normal
#1282 OS.cwd returns platform specific slashes... assigned Yuki`N todo normal
#1664 OS PMC should use stat.pasm equivalent indices for stat buffer new bug normal
#2012 osutils does not play nice with nqp-setting new bug minor
#1787 OS X --m=32 doesn't work in snow leopard new ash bug normal
#706 Out of mem (PASM, compreg, invokecc) new -- bug normal
#1690 Overriding one signature of a multi-method in a subclass prevents access to the other signatures new bug normal
#2344 Overstock Sales on All New Cars new normal 2.11
#1520 P6metaclass cannot derive from already-`register`ed PMC type new bug major
#1481 P6metaclass.register does not catch second registration of PMC Class new bug normal
#545 PackFile_unpack followed by PackFile_pack produces wrong results. new bug normal
#800 Parrot assumes command line arguments are ASCII new chromatic bug normal
#1381 Parrot-based project skeleton creation script new dukeleto feature normal
#2135 Parrot_compile_file should take a compiler argument new todo normal
#2173 parrot_debugger --help coredumps new bug major
#1074 Parrot fails to build with gcc when using --optimize on OpenSolaris new bug normal
#1223 Parrot_find_name_op() should walk up the scopes new whiteknight todo normal
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