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#2303 Invitation - Please Complete Your Profile new normal 2.11
#61 Investigate using an external hash library new cotto RFC minor
#1698 Investigate SAFECode new cage normal
#1056 inter::progs ought to be smarter about finding linker new patch normal
#847 Interpreter - 'exec' and 'spawn' should split own args new todo normal
#1071 Intermittent failure with t/pmc/os.t test 9 new bug normal
#1284 Integer PMC missing math methods assigned whiteknight todo normal
#2347 Instantly ageless Presents new normal 2.11
#1962 :instanceof('Foo') is untested new todo normal
#540 installed versions of dynext/*.so still link to -lparrot in build directory reopened jkeenan bug normal
#1040 inplace math on subclasses failing (MMD/vtable) new bug normal
#2352 Innovation: Getting off the grid by tomorrow new normal 2.11
#1226 Increase code coverage of json new dukeleto todo normal
#1929 incorrect null-return from method calls new bug normal
#1833 Incompatible bytecode error lacks file name of offending file new whiteknight bug normal
#2124 Including extend.h without first including parrot.h blows up in Rakudo new whiteknight bug normal
#2356 Im skipping the hassle new normal 2.11
#2023 Improve triggering of GC in GMS. new todo major 3.3
#1479 Improve random-ness of Parrot_range_rand new todo normal
#1453 Improve <null> handling in Test::More.pir new cage normal
#1525 improved NCI/FFI new roadmap normal
#2112 Improved documentation about NCI new todo critical
#1704 Implicit selection of main sub is deprecated. new plobsing deprecation normal 3.0
#867 Implicit NameSpace Creation Does Not Respect Compile-time HLL Map new bug normal
#236 implement pdd14-numbers assigned dukeleto todo major
#1241 implementation of is_docs_link() needs more thought new todo normal
#1204 Implement all TODO comments in t/pmc/parrotio.t new bug normal
#2328 I have some great news to you... new normal 2.11
#313 ignore print -0 test errors on win32 new todo normal
#2316 I am up $14,368.50 with Your Software new normal 2.11
#2325 I am up $14,368.50 with Your Software new normal 2.11
#1471 doesn't use color coding. new bug normal
#1825 How To Utilize The GCC Compile Farm new dukeleto RFC major
#2045 How about generating man pages for downstream packaging? new -- feature normal
#2252 Home Warranty Plans start at $16.95 - FREE Quote in 30 Seconds new normal 2.11
#2275 Home Warranty Confirmation new normal 2.11
#1542 HLLs sometimes leak into loaded modules new whiteknight bug normal
#777 .HLL should not case-mangle its arg new -- RFC major
#568 hll interop new whiteknight roadmap normal 2.6
#858 HLL exception handling new whiteknight todo minor
#2322 He wants to give YOU money (approx $2155 today) new normal 2.11
#2323 He wants to give YOU money (approx $2155 today) new normal 2.11
#2324 He wants to give YOU money (approx $2155 today) new normal 2.11
#2260 Heritage Invitation new normal 2.11
#899 heredocs in a macro argument broken. new bug normal
#1713 helper script to find committers. new bug normal
#2255 Having Difficulty Bathing Safely - Learn How A Walk in Tub Works new normal 2.11
#1378 Hash or by-string interface to interp object / interpinfo / sysinfo new cotto feature normal
#1154 Handle Pending Events More Frequently new todo normal
#850 Handle loadlib and libraries with '.' in the name new whiteknight patch normal
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