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Ticket Summary Status Priority Milestone Component
#253 warn on possibly conflicting opengl headers new normal configure
#357 Enable meaningful testing of t/native_pbc/*.t new normal testing
#435 languages moved to examples need tests. new normal none
#650 Pmc2c requires major refactoring. new normal build
#869 [cage] t/pmc/iterator.t should be removed new normal testing
#1024 [CAGE] OpenGL deprecations in Mac OS 10.6 new normal library
#1120 [CAGE] More rigorous testing for constant tables across threads new normal testing
#1139 Need tests for invoke_sigobject for Sub subclasses. new normal core
#1143 examples/benchmarks/overload.pir requires rewriting. new normal testing
#1175 Get external Perl5 modules out of the parrot repo new normal configure
#1181 make cover doesn't show coverage of *.ops files. new normal testing
#1239 configuration: define MIN/MAX macros for all integral typedefs new normal none
#1453 Improve <null> handling in Test::More.pir new normal library
#1698 Investigate SAFECode new normal none
#1941 make warnings_tests: Correct tests which run with warnings new minor testing
#2113 FileHandle .puts and .print new trivial core
#781 [CAGE] Copyedit docs/user/pir/* new normal docs
#883 Use the right PTR2INTVAL() macro, not (INTVAL) for type conversion new normal core
#1386 Convert t/pmc/exporter.t to PIR new minor testing
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