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#313 ignore print -0 test errors on win32 new todo testing
#322 Annoying cygwin/mingw cfg readline popup new todo configure
#339 msvc+mingw detection new todo configure
#2174 Sharpen Support Policy for Windows, Then Implement It! new todo docs
#1559 ExtUtils::Command::cp broken [cpan #56666] new patch none
#446 [CAGE] Fixed a few warnings and a NCI example on Windows using MSVS new cage configure
#260 Build error on windows 2008 server new bug build
#326 win32 Wide API needed . 'make smoke' failed 63 tests. new bug core
#706 Out of mem (PASM, compreg, invokecc) new bug core
#775 Simplify makefile rules on windows. new bug configure
#806 Test.readdir is not skipped on Win32 even though it appears that it should be new bug core
#864 on Win32 binary install, parrot_config.exe contains false installation path new bug install
#1055 t/pmc/complex.t: sinh_of_complex_numbers: some tests fail on Win32 new bug core
#1422 t/perl/Parrot_IO.t: 'not modified_since' test failing on some Win32 and Cygwin new bug testing
#1546 Env.pmc fails to link dll in Windows VC build, and probably doesn't work new bug none
#1693 `make install` doesn't install all files necessary to build Rakudo on Cygwin new bug install
#2044 Subclassing FileHandle new bug core
#2110 mingw build fails while building opsc new bug build
#2196 cygwin build fails new bug build
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