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#690 manifest_tests Makefile target does not work in release tarball bug normal none Infinoid jkeenan 7 years 7 years
#692 PBC to PIR fallback fails. bug normal testing coke jkeenan 7 years 5 years
#694 docs/dev/fhs.pod: Is this file still relevant? todo normal docs jkeenan jkeenan 7 years 6 years
#695 subtest 3 in t/dynoplibs/myops.t segfaults on darwin patch normal 1.4 core urkle -- 7 years 6 years
#696 Can't assign an object to Undef. bug normal none coke whiteknight 7 years 6 years
#698 [PATCH] Mac OS X build fix patch normal configure rusabd NotFound 7 years 7 years
#699 plusthree site down again bug normal none mikehh -- 7 years 7 years
#700 dynpmc/Makefile problem on Solaris 8/SPARC at r39040 patch normal configure doughera -- 7 years 6 years
#702 Remove stacks.c and stack-related ops todo normal 1.5 core whiteknight whiteknight 7 years 6 years
#705 [cage] runtime/parrot/include/sockets.pasm is outdated and shoud be removed. cage normal none bacek 7 years 7 years
#710 IO - On Win32, huge strings printed by Parrot do not appear in the console output. bug normal core Util whiteknight 7 years 5 years
#711 can't assign class with attributes to undef bug normal core coke whiteknight 7 years 6 years
#712 Some changes are needed to the install system so that Parrot installs in a fashion that's useable by Rakudo patch normal install wayland -- 7 years 5 years
#717 parrot_config segfaults when invoked with the --dump option bug normal none Util Util 7 years 6 years
#720 [PATCH] Typos in pdd19_pir.pod patch normal docs Klaus jkeenan 7 years 7 years
#721 PGE::P5Regex consumes all memory bug normal PGE coke pmichaud 7 years 5 years
#722 Rewrite of t/pmc/capture.t in PIR patch normal testing bobw -- 7 years 6 years
#723 [PATCH] Parrot doesn't find ICU 4.2 patch normal configure ingmar -- 7 years 7 years
#724 [bug] Parrot fails numeric conversion of ucs2 strings bug normal core pmichaud 7 years 6 years
#725 [PATCH] Add c-level branch prediction annotations patch normal none Infinoid 7 years 6 years
#726 [PATCH] Reduce calls to mem_sys_allocate() when creating a Hash patch normal none Infinoid Infinoid 7 years 6 years
#727 remove config steps 'auto:macports' and 'auto:fink' todo normal 1.5 configure coke jkeenan 7 years 6 years
#728 r39273 breaks 'make test' for tcl bug normal 1.3 none coke bacek 7 years 6 years
#729 Segfault on printing a String PMC assigned a null string bug normal core jonathan 7 years 6 years
#730 [bug] IMCC chokes on unicode strings as method call names bug normal imcc pmichaud chromatic 7 years 6 years
#731 can't tell if an OS file is executable from parrot todo normal 3.0 core coke whiteknight 7 years 5 years
#735 path for installed header files patch normal install gerd jkeenan 7 years 5 years
#736 [PATCH] icu-config emits prefix with extra newline patch normal configure hv Infinoid 7 years 7 years
#737 imcc segfault when assigning to undefined retval bug normal imcc cotto 6 years 6 years
#738 ICU download URL change in README bug normal none grantbow -- 6 years 6 years
#739 path of installed config.fpmc file on a 64bit system patch normal install gerd allison 6 years 6 years
#740 [PATCH] PLATFORMS update for 1.3 release for Solaris 8/SPARC patch normal docs doughera 6 years 6 years
#741 PIR line numbers in backtraces are substantially wrong. bug normal core Austin_Hastings -- 6 years 5 years
#742 Parrot::Test::Util::create_tempfile() cannot handle DIR option on Cygwin bug normal none jkeenan jkeenan 6 years 6 years
#744 Assertion Failure with steme and rakudo bug normal hll_interop tene whiteknight 6 years 6 years
#746 pdd19 fails t/codingstd/pdd_format.t cage normal docs coke Infinoid 6 years 6 years
#747 Constants in library.h are not available as PASM constants RFC normal library barney NotFound 6 years 6 years
#750 Failures in examples_tests - t/examples/pod.t - fails 9 tests bug normal 1.3 docs mikehh whiteknight 6 years 6 years
#752 Parrot concatenates iso-8859-1 and utf8 incorrectly bug normal core pmichaud 6 years 6 years
#753 Deprecate NCI/call_toolkit_init.* in favor of NCI/Utils.* todo normal 1.5 library japhb 6 years 6 years
#755 'make install-dev' assumes "modern" File::Path bug normal install doughera jkeenan 6 years 6 years
#756 invalid PMC causes bus error with const. bug normal core coke -- 6 years 4 years
#757 Problem with threads and HLLs bug normal hll_interop tene whiteknight 6 years 4 years
#758 Fix problems on openbsd/hppa bug normal none reezer bacek 6 years 6 years
#759 Reconsider one-test-file-per-PMC policy todo normal coding_standards jkeenan coke 6 years 6 years
#761 [RFC] Keys/Iterator deuglyfying. RFC normal core bacek bacek 6 years 6 years
#762 parrot_config --dump: libparrot_linkflags, rpath_blib contain references to the build directory if parrot is installed to a DESTDIR first bug normal configure ingmar -- 6 years 6 years
#763 Test/More.pir's is_deeply() needs work with hash corner cases todo normal library Infinoid -- 6 years 6 years
#765 zero-length files from "make html" bug normal docs whiteknight 6 years 5 years
#767 imcc allows multiple .locals of the same name bug normal imcc cotto NotFound 6 years 6 years
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