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#1777 Optimized builds (--optimize='-O2 -finline-functions') on gcc/amd64 broken since r48308 bug normal none doughera 5 years 5 years
#395 optimize dynpmc makefile deps todo trivial build rurban jkeenan 7 years 5 years
#362 optimize freeze_size todo normal core rurban plobsing 7 years 6 years
#126 optimize load_bytecode, .include paths: no library/ and include/ prefix todo minor none rurban rurban 7 years 7 years
#1208 Optimize Parrot_pbc_read to do fewer stat() calls todo normal core dukeleto 6 years 5 years
#1103 Optional named parameters must be explicit deprecation normal core allison nwellnhof 6 years 5 years
#59 OrderedHash exposes hash corruption bug normal core cotto 7 years 7 years
#849 OS.pmc - update file times todo normal core jkeenan jkeenan 7 years 5 years
#1722 osx build failed caused by errant '\c' bug normal build LaVolta jkeenan 6 years 5 years
#363 OS X x86 fails t/src/embed.t #4 bug normal none coke NotFound 7 years 7 years
#1570 Out-of-date binaries/packages on bug normal website Util 6 years 5 years
#927 Out of date documentation in src/gc/api.c after file renames. bug normal docs eirik dukeleto 6 years 6 years
#719 out of memory running a tcl spec test bug major core coke -- 7 years 7 years
#266 Packfile API cleanup: rename Parrot_readbc to Parrot_pbc_read, _loadbc => _pbc_load todo minor core rurban jkeenan 7 years 7 years
#1297 PackFile_Constant_unpack_pmc should call Parrot_thaw_constants(), not Parrot_thaw() bug normal none Infinoid 6 years 6 years
#1591 PackFile_new_dummy is not in embed.h nor extend.h bug normal core dukeleto whiteknight 6 years 5 years
#504 packfile pmcs roadmap normal 1.6 core Infinoid Infinoid 7 years 6 years
#570 packfile pmcs, bytecode gen library roadmap normal 1.2 none coke jonathan 7 years 7 years
#1011 Packfile PMCs cannot create a bytecode file from scratch feature normal core Util 6 years 6 years
#823 packfile pmc tests failing bug blocker none coke 7 years 6 years
#818 packfile tests failing on amd64 bug normal core whiteknight 7 years 7 years
#1712 Packfile tests incorrectly try to read non-native packfiles. bug normal none doughera NotFound 6 years 5 years
#595 Panic when rethrowing null bug normal none isop whiteknight 7 years 7 years
#1601 Parallelism aka ParrotThreads RFC normal docs tewk 6 years 4 years
#673 Parrot 1.1.0 build on OS X with Fink ICU package bug normal configure urkle -- 7 years 5 years
#1141 Parrot API changes breaks PIRC bug major pirc kjs kjs 6 years 6 years
#1917 Parrot_api_make_interpreter() cause a crash when another interpreter already exists bug normal 3.0 embed/extend kristaba whiteknight 5 years 4 years
#27 still works and directs to old ticket system bug major 1.0 core cmasak@… -- 7 years 7 years
#920 parrotbug should provide more guidance when it finishes bug normal tools jgabr jkeenan 6 years 5 years
#1858 Parrot can't build with strawberry perl bug normal 2.10 none jimmy 5 years 5 years
#578 Parrot can't handle linker scripts bug normal core Infinoid jkeenan 7 years 5 years
#52 Parrot can't read from stdin bug normal core rgrjr 7 years 7 years
#1612 parrot change between r46273 and r46316 cause Rakudo regression bug normal none moritz 6 years 6 years
#1807 Parrot changes between r49277 and r49386 break rakudo's line number reporting bug normal PCT moritz jonathan 5 years 5 years
#202 is empty bug normal website moritz Infinoid 7 years 7 years
#1304 docs show up before on web searches todo major website dukeleto coke 6 years 6 years
#1717 Parrot compilation fails on './miniparrot config_lib.pir' when there are non-ascii characters in the build path (pwd). bug normal build dzoe NotFound 6 years 6 years
#1610 Parrot_compile_string does not properly catch errors thrown by causing IMCC syntax errors bug major imcc dukeleto whiteknight 6 years 4 years
#752 Parrot concatenates iso-8859-1 and utf8 incorrectly bug normal core pmichaud 7 years 7 years
#762 parrot_config --dump: libparrot_linkflags, rpath_blib contain references to the build directory if parrot is installed to a DESTDIR first bug normal configure ingmar -- 7 years 7 years
#977 parrot_config returns with an error about "Invalid Charset" bug critical tools treed 6 years 6 years
#717 parrot_config segfaults when invoked with the --dump option bug normal none Util Util 7 years 7 years
#626 parrot_config with multiple options, bad output bug normal none coke 7 years 6 years
#271 Parrot crashes on openbsd/sparc64 bug normal core Infinoid dukeleto 7 years 5 years
#1661 Parrot crashes when clicking on Preferences bug normal none reezer -- 6 years 6 years
#2192 Parrot_cx_scheduler_sleep is wrong in the no threads case bug normal core NotFound NotFound 4 years 4 years
#884 parrot_debugger generates a Bus error if you set a break point before the source is loaded bug normal core dukeleto dukeleto 7 years 6 years
#885 parrot_debugger printing registers does not work bug normal none dukeleto dukeleto 7 years 7 years
#889 parrot_debugger throws an exception when deleting a breakpoint bug normal none dukeleto dukeleto 7 years 7 years
#1362 parrot does not build if library glfw is installed bug normal configure wagnerf japhb 6 years 6 years
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