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#1122 [PATCH] Convert more tests from perl to pir cage minor testing mgrimes dukeleto 7 years 7 years
#1215 Factor out Duplicated Code in vivify/fetch opcodes cage minor core chromatic soh_cah_toa 7 years 5 years
#1234 t/op/hacks.t: Delete useless test file cage minor testing jkeenan jkeenan 7 years 7 years
#1249 t/pmc/threads.t: Thread types tests need rework cage trivial testing jkeenan 7 years 7 years
#1263 Determine configuration value for 'platform' prior to gen::platform cage normal configure jkeenan jkeenan 7 years 7 years
#1277 [PATCH] cleanup nqp-rx leftovers on `make realclean` cage normal configure geraud pmichaud 7 years 7 years
#1287 Move thread check into Parrot_exit() cage trivial core coke whiteknight 7 years 5 years
#1289 Review/Consolidate test infrastructure in t/codingstd and t/distro cage normal testing coke jkeenan 7 years 6 years
#1291 update make headerizer to work with PMCs too. cage normal docs coke 7 years 7 years
#1327 remove old languages files cage normal testing coke jkeenan 7 years 7 years
#1336 Convert t/pmc/bigint.t to PIR cage normal testing kurahaupo mikehh 7 years 7 years
#1344 documentation spell-checking cage trivial docs kurahaupo coke 7 years 7 years
#1363 Parrot_OS_Exec_Command(_Argv)? unused cage normal none plobsing -- 7 years 7 years
#1370 ->strstart cleanup cage normal core jkeenan jkeenan 7 years 6 years
#1402 Deprecate mem_internal_*alloc functions. cage normal core bacek Paul C. Anagnostopoulos 7 years 6 years
#1430 Change trace offset numbers to hex format cage normal none Austin_Hastings -- 7 years 7 years
#1452 add method debug to $conf object cage minor configure coke jkeenan 7 years 6 years
#1455 Exception 'birthtime' attribute not accessible cage normal none Austin_Hastings 7 years 6 years
#1457 remove --cxx option to cage normal configure coke jkeenan 7 years 7 years
#1472 Namespace.get_pointer_keyed is TOTAL KLUDGE cage normal none whiteknight 7 years 6 years
#1526 editor/skeleton.pir cleanup. cage trivial coding_standards coke coke 7 years 6 years
#1534 Remove svk developer support cage minor none coke 7 years 7 years
#1545 Properly split the headerizer cage major tools petdance petdance 6 years 6 years
#1547 Mass-update vim modelines cage normal none petdance petdance 6 years 6 years
#1648 Look at using restrict keyword on pointers cage normal build petdance petdance 6 years 5 years
#1684 examples/pir/*.pir aren't executed during make fulltest. cage major testing bacek 6 years 6 years
#1738 Improve documentation of PARROT_ERRORS_*_FLAG cage normal docs Paul C. Anagnostopoulos Paul C. Anagnostopoulos 6 years 6 years
#1865 Allow more windows environments with git to work correctly with build process cage normal 2.11 build ronaldws -- 6 years 6 years
#1889 fix makefile deps cage normal build coke 6 years 6 years
#1922 Review Parrot's 'make help' cage normal docs jkeenan jkeenan 6 years 6 years
#1934 Some Python programs added to tools/dev cage normal coding_standards mikehh jkeenan 6 years 6 years
#1985 Add windows-related temporary files to .gitignore cage minor tools whiteknight dukeleto 6 years 6 years
#1987 Warnings from make headerizer cage normal 3.1 tools mikehh whiteknight 6 years 6 years
#2009 Remove dead svn-related code from Perl modules cage normal configure dukeleto jkeenan 6 years 6 years
#2025 tools/dev/ Program no longer runs: libraries missing cage minor tools jkeenan jkeenan 6 years 5 years
#2121 Mistakes in lib/Parrot/ Perldoc cage trivial testing soh_cah_toa soh_cah_toa 5 years 5 years
#2143 examples/benchmarks/ Can we remove this file? cage normal testing jkeenan jkeenan 5 years 5 years
#2169 tools/dev/ What is this program meant to do? Do we still need it? cage minor tools jkeenan dukeleto 5 years 5 years
#159 named class/pmc lookup in pir syntax such as new, isa, subclass, get_class, etc [post 0.9.0] deprecation normal core coke whiteknight 8 years 7 years
#389 subs with :method should not be entered as symbols in the namespace deprecation critical core pmichaud allison 8 years 6 years
#443 C API brought into line with coding standards deprecation normal coding_standards allison whiteknight 8 years 5 years
#448 [TODO] Migrate non-essential PMCs to dynpmcs deprecation normal 2.4 none allison coke 8 years 6 years
#449 [TODO] Migrate non-essential ops to dynops deprecation normal 2.4 core allison plobsing 8 years 6 years
#452 Don't use MULTI when not needed deprecation normal core allison cotto 8 years 6 years
#851 [DEPRECATED] .find_key method on PGE;Match objects deprecation normal PGE pmichaud fperrad 7 years 6 years
#868 DEPRECATE generation of PAST::Val constants deprecation normal PCT pmichaud pmichaud 7 years 6 years
#872 PASM1 compiler and PDB_compile function deprecation minor none coke whiteknight 7 years 7 years
#906 [PIR] Assignment syntactic sugar restricted to destination parameters deprecation normal 2.6 pirc allison kjs 7 years 6 years
#1069 Deprecate Parrot_oo_get_namespace deprecation normal none NotFound coke 7 years 7 years
#1091 ExceptionHandlers should be Subs deprecation normal core whiteknight 7 years 6 years
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