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#2277 Never Lose Your Data Again new normal 2.11 none
#2278 [FINAL Notice] Invitation - Please Respond Today new normal 2.11 none
#2279 Moms- Take Surveys, Earn Money. It's that simple! new normal 2.11 none
#2280 To Everyone Who has a Crummy Job new normal 2.11 none
#2281 You Are Invited - Please Reply Today new normal 2.11 none
#2282 Find Caribbean Cruise Markdowns new normal 2.11 none
#2283 Final Notice - Please Review new normal 2.11 none
#2284 Refinance Now at 2.875% (2.903% APR*) new normal 2.11 none
#2285 Wreaking Havoc on Your Digestive System? new normal 2.11 none
#2286 Invitation: Please Verify Your Profile new normal 2.11 none
#2287 Register with other professionals new normal 2.11 none
#2288 Get Your Grant Guide Today! new normal 2.11 none
#2289 Finally, the Answer is Here new normal 2.11 none
#2290 Personal: Not Being Able to Go? new normal 2.11 none
#2291 Personal: Not Being Able to Go? new normal 2.11 none
#2292 Dad's Alzheimer's Kills Son (Tragedy..) new normal 2.11 none
#2293 Dad's Alzheimer's Kills Son (Tragedy..) new normal 2.11 none
#364 ptr_alignment 8 not honored, sparc 64bit broken new bug minor core
#505 avoid 2038 bug new todo minor core
#525 smolder: show which tests passed unexpectedly. new todo minor none
#659 CONST_STRING in a dynop new feature minor core
#923 Make RNG algorithm used by rand dynop pluggable new bug minor core
#1022 PGE::Glob needs docs. new todo minor docs
#1300 sysinfo_s opcode incomplete new todo minor none
#1930 t/op/number.t: one test fails under --optimize on Darwin/PPC new bug minor testing
#1941 make warnings_tests: Correct tests which run with warnings new cage minor testing
#2012 osutils does not play nice with nqp-setting new bug minor library
#2125 rename parrot.h to internals.h or private.h or equivalent new RFC minor core
#220 editor/pir-mode.el should be a generated file new todo trivial tools
#322 Annoying cygwin/mingw cfg readline popup new todo trivial configure
#1043 create YAML::Emitter::Syck that does what Data::Dumper does. new todo trivial none
#2038 Singleton PMCs are deprecated new deprecation trivial 3.9 core
#2111 new_s and new_s_i opcodes new deprecation trivial 3.9 core
#2113 FileHandle .puts and .print new cage trivial core
#2114 getprop op is strange new RFC trivial core
#777 .HLL should not case-mangle its arg new RFC major hll_interop
#203 assign_pmc broken for pir subclasses? new bug normal core
#205 r35872 test fails on solaris new bug normal core
#228 t/pmc/sub fails with runcore PBC new bug normal core
#260 Build error on windows 2008 server new bug normal build
#285 cmp/bitwise/other mmd vtable functions should not go through proxy pmc new bug normal core
#378 Deprecation warnings in in config/gen/platform/darwin/dl.c in r37011 new bug normal core
#476 Binaries should not contain rpath reopened bug normal install
#508 JSON libraries should be renamed to something less confusing reopened patch normal library
#555 perldoc detection fails if build runs as root reopened bug normal configure
#565 remove optional features from default config, refactor config probes new roadmap normal 3.0 configure
#579 build failure on Solaris/x86 with GCC and native assembler new bug normal core
#697 Parrot::Test "language_output_is" fails in installed parrot. new bug normal install
#706 Out of mem (PASM, compreg, invokecc) new bug normal core
#781 [CAGE] Copyedit docs/user/pir/* new cage normal docs
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