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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1309 perl finds icu but doesn't set it up new bug normal build
#1340 Parrot may end up calling dlclose() twice with the same handle, ref. t/pmc/threads.t test 14 new bug normal none
#1390 Configure doesn't check for a 'curses' lib in the readline test new bug normal configure
#1480 Preprocessing using parrot -E fails new bug normal none
#1494 factorial example in languages/squaak gives incorrect result new bug normal none
#1527 Despite pdd15, add_role ignores role attributes new bug normal none
#1693 `make install` doesn't install all files necessary to build Rakudo on Cygwin new bug normal install
#1702 Cannot resume dead coroutine new bug normal none
#1718 `NameSpace.add_sub($name, &sub)` does not honor given name for methods new bug normal none
#1743 N<note> formatting code is unsupported in HTML output new bug normal docs
#1769 Getting get_integer() not implemented in class 'XXXXX' when using "morph" reopened bug normal none
#1795 pcre_compile picked wrong function signature letter. new bug normal library
#1816 Graph images on are corrupted new bug normal website
#1831 config problem with glui library on ubuntu 10.04 new bug normal configure
#2044 Subclassing FileHandle new bug normal core
#781 [CAGE] Copyedit docs/user/pir/* new cage normal docs
#883 Use the right PTR2INTVAL() macro, not (INTVAL) for type conversion new cage normal core
#1386 Convert t/pmc/exporter.t to PIR new cage minor testing
#1799 Allow for rw bffer to be passed by nci 'B' signature. new feature normal core
#1828 Wanted: A User Tool For Handling Parrot Installations new feature normal install
#2045 How about generating man pages for downstream packaging? new feature normal docs
#508 JSON libraries should be renamed to something less confusing reopened patch normal library
#1089 rewrite tests for resizableintegerarray as PIR, plus add new tests new patch minor testing
#1559 ExtUtils::Command::cp broken [cpan #56666] new patch normal none
#777 .HLL should not case-mangle its arg new RFC major hll_interop
#1641 iseq does not support the same type of operands as the math operators new RFC normal imcc
#1645 Request for another overload to 'not' opcode. new RFC normal none
#565 remove optional features from default config, refactor config probes new roadmap normal 3.0 configure
#787 add vtables for: get_pmc_keyed{_int,_str,}_lvalue ; and similarly for slice new todo normal core
#959 Auto-generate #include dependency graphs in docs/ at build. new todo minor docs
#1164 Update Tutorials in new todo normal website
#1727 Rationalize get/set opcodes new todo normal none
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