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Owner: whiteknight (25 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1697 Remove the open and close opcodes new deprecation normal core
#1754 The Scalar PMC assigned deprecation minor core
#1800 [DEPRECATED] Current behaviour of "timely destruction" is deprecated. new deprecation normal GC
#1868 [DEPRECATED] PIR compiler availability assigned deprecation normal 2.11 core
#1870 Move OpenGL Bindings to their own project/repo new deprecation normal library
#1892 [DEPRECATED] Complex PMC new deprecation normal 2.11 core
#1969 Deprecate Eval PMC assigned deprecation normal core
#2186 Add 6model to Parrot new experimental normal core
#67 Allow user to specify maximum size of GC allocation on command line new feature minor core
#760 readline_interactive method no longer returns PMCNULL on eof new patch blocker core
#850 Handle loadlib and libraries with '.' in the name new patch normal library
#649 Should parrot_config report separate inst_ and build variables? new RFC normal install
#1356 [TODO] add method FixedStringArray.sort() assigned RFC normal core
#1448 Modify `throw` opcode to pass through pre-configured resume continuation assigned RFC minor core
#1500 API to tell which opcode group an opcode is in new RFC major core
#2133 src/extend.c Review new RFC normal embed/extend
#567 pdd31-hll interop new roadmap normal 2.6 hll_interop
#568 hll interop new roadmap normal 2.6 hll_interop
#560 When we can't find a library, we shouldn't silently continue and give weird errors later assigned todo trivial core
#858 HLL exception handling new todo minor core
#955 need ability to create tempfile from PIR assigned todo normal testing
#974 Mark publicly exposed functions in src/call/context.c with PARROT_EXPORT tag new todo minor core
#1223 Parrot_find_name_op() should walk up the scopes new todo normal core
#1284 Integer PMC missing math methods assigned todo normal core
#1650 Parrot needs Date/DateTime Object new todo normal none

Owner: Yuki`N (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1282 OS.cwd returns platform specific slashes... assigned todo normal core

Owner: None (24 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#5 partcl's [puts hi] exposes memory leaks in r33137 reopened bug major core
#364 ptr_alignment 8 not honored, sparc 64bit broken new bug minor core
#411 RFC: Remove or fix SDL new bug normal testing
#457 t/dynpmc/os.t has invalid stat() and lstat() tests. new bug normal testing
#545 PackFile_unpack followed by PackFile_pack produces wrong results. new bug normal core
#558 [doc] < is not always escaped in HTML generation new bug normal docs
#559 [doc] POD escape E<> is not handled by HTML generation new bug normal docs
#775 Simplify makefile rules on windows. new bug major configure
#792 Bug in subroutine calling conventions new bug normal core
#848 'spawnw' return value: make it OS-independent new bug normal core
#867 Implicit NameSpace Creation Does Not Respect Compile-time HLL Map new bug normal core
#899 heredocs in a macro argument broken. new bug normal core
#923 Make RNG algorithm used by rand dynop pluggable new bug minor core
#924 OpenGL examples not working on OS X new bug normal none
#946 Order-of-destruction error with Scheduler PMC new bug normal GC
#1018 pir compiler must be reentrant new bug normal imcc
#1031 Free()ing of SymReg variables new bug normal core
#1040 inplace math on subclasses failing (MMD/vtable) new bug normal none
#1045 parrot needs a shared library even if configured with --parrot_is_shared=0. new bug normal configure
#1046 allows sizeof(INTVAL) != sizeof(void *), but parrot requires them to be equal. new bug normal configure
#1048 [TODO] needs a has_function() function. new bug normal configure
#1050 [TODO] [C] Use strerror_r instead of strerror new bug normal core
#1054 Some documents at are missing data. new bug normal website
#1055 t/pmc/complex.t: sinh_of_complex_numbers: some tests fail on Win32 new bug normal core
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