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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#1238 SDL tests new todo normal none
#1239 configuration: define MIN/MAX macros for all integral typedefs new cage normal none
#1240 Explicitly clearing to be RO? new todo normal none
#1241 implementation of is_docs_link() needs more thought new todo normal none
#1288 Limit the required interface for PMCs new bug normal none
#1292 Correct destruction of PackFile objects new bug normal none
#1300 sysinfo_s opcode incomplete new todo minor none
#1332 change get_string on FPA, RPA (et al?) new feature normal none
#1442 Sub PMC should support getattribute new todo normal none
#1481 P6metaclass.register does not catch second registration of PMC Class new bug normal none
#1486 rewrite examples/ to use hierarchical namespaces instead of flat ::-style new bug normal none
#1522 sweep-free gc new roadmap normal 2.6 none
#1524 [RFC] model and implementation of lvalue semantics new feature normal 2.6 none
#1525 improved NCI/FFI new roadmap normal none
#1546 Env.pmc fails to link dll in Windows VC build, and probably doesn't work new bug normal none
#1551 [DEPRECATION] UnManagedStruct handling nested structure new deprecation normal none
#1552 [DEPRECATION] UnManagedStruct initializer structure new bug normal none
#1553 [DEPRECATION] UnManagedStruct get_integer, set_integer_native new bug normal none
#1554 [DEPRECATION] ManagedStruct automatic resize on shape change new deprecation normal none
#1557 pbc_disassemble fails on large PBCs new bug normal none
#1565 [DEPRECATION] NCI signatures new deprecation normal none
#1637 experimental library: LWP, HTTP/Message, URI & URI::Escape new experimental normal none
#1664 OS PMC should use stat.pasm equivalent indices for stat buffer new bug normal none
#1683 Key clone and set_pmc are broken new todo normal none
#1691 Look into GCC -flto and -fwhole-program link options new experimental normal none
#1698 Investigate SAFECode new cage normal none
#1705 0-args :main Subs will check passed arguments. new deprecation normal 3.0 none
#1710 [BUG] exit of a Coroutine affects all of its sister clones new bug normal none
#1713 helper script to find committers. new bug normal none
#1867 RFC: optional fakecutable preamble new RFC normal 2.11 none
#1877 MappedByteArray experimental PMC new experimental normal 2.11 none
#1896 [DEPRECATED] :init Sub flag new deprecation normal 2.11 none
#1932 rakudo on parrot RELEASE_2_11_0-656-g27c0799 executes main body twice new bug normal none
#1961 [DEPRECATED] X-to-Y native pbcs new deprecation normal none
#2035 [DEPRECATED] Pointer, UnManagedStruct, ManagedStruct new deprecation normal none
#2039 Failures in uploading to Smolder new bug normal none
#2086 dynoplibs test failures on OS X new bug normal none
#2135 Parrot_compile_file should take a compiler argument new todo normal none
#2138 Deprecate unnecessary NameSpace methods new deprecation normal none
#2180 examples/nci/ls.pir broken new bug normal none
#2195 TODO: integrate ByteBuffer better with FileHandle and Socket new todo normal none
#2197 404 not found on new normal 2.11 none
#2198 Add check for <stdint.h> new bug normal 2.11 none
#2200 gms issues on powerpc (OpenBSD) new normal 2.11 none
#2202 PLEASE NO, LET TRAC BE READ-ONLY!!!! new bug normal none
#2203 Invitation - Please Complete Your Profile new normal 2.11 none
#2204 $250K Term Life Coverage from $15/month new normal 2.11 none
#2205 Triple your socket capacity and clean up those messy cords new normal 2.11 none
#2206 - Obama Hits a Homerun for Homeowners new normal 2.11 none
#2207 30% Off Halloween Costumes, Lingerie and Accessories - Promo Inside new normal 2.11 none
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