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#2220 It's officially last minute. $19.99 Valentines Day Bouquets. new normal 2.11 none
#2224 Joints Hurt? Try This new normal 2.11 none
#1683 Key clone and set_pmc are broken new todo normal none
#435 languages moved to examples need tests. new cage normal none
#2242 Lasik Special starting at $299 per eye - Schedule Now new normal 2.11 none
#2257 Lasik special starting at $299 per eye - Schedule your free evaluation new normal 2.11 none
#2264 Lasik special starting at $299 per eye - Schedule your free evaluation new normal 2.11 none
#2254 Last Chance: Subscribe for ONLY $5 new normal 2.11 none
#1171 Lexicals and :outer not Thawed Properly from PBC new bug normal none
#1288 Limit the required interface for PMCs new bug normal none
#1744 load_language "nqp" fails new bug normal install
#1583 loadlib_p_s_p new experimental normal core
#1691 Look into GCC -flto and -fwhole-program link options new experimental normal none
#1181 make cover doesn't show coverage of *.ops files. new cage normal testing
#923 Make RNG algorithm used by rand dynop pluggable new bug minor core
#1941 make warnings_tests: Correct tests which run with warnings new cage minor testing
#1877 MappedByteArray experimental PMC new experimental normal 2.11 none
#2153 Memory leak in compile_file functions new bug normal imcc
#1286 method overload in pir subclass of pmc pccmethod leaves object undefined new bug normal library
#2110 mingw build fails while building opsc new bug normal build
#2279 Moms- Take Surveys, Earn Money. It's that simple! new normal 2.11 none
#339 msvc+mingw detection new todo normal configure
#2331 My Insulin Shots are a thing of The Past new normal 2.11 none
#1992 [NCI] callback sub parameter definition isn't unified with callback definition in the C lib. new bug normal core
#1582 NCI_FB_CB and NCI_FB_UD in iglobals new experimental normal core
#1173 NCI segfaults with null pcc_params_signature new bug normal core
#1197 Need some way to copy/rename files from parrot. new todo normal core
#1139 Need tests for invoke_sigobject for Sub subclasses. new cage normal core
#2299 Nerve pain relief new normal 2.11 none
#2271 Never Lose Your Data Again new normal 2.11 none
#2277 Never Lose Your Data Again new normal 2.11 none
#2111 new_s and new_s_i opcodes new deprecation trivial 3.9 core
#1033 no args checking for a sub without params new RFC normal imcc
#1766 n_regs_used in PBC files isn't checked new bug normal core
#2232 Obama Waives Refi Requirement new normal 2.11 none
#1487 Object.find_method fails if PIR 'find_method' vtable override returns null new bug normal core
#924 OpenGL examples not working on OS X new bug normal none
#607 ordered destruction new roadmap major 2.11 GC
#946 Order-of-destruction error with Scheduler PMC new bug normal GC
#1664 OS PMC should use stat.pasm equivalent indices for stat buffer new bug normal none
#2012 osutils does not play nice with nqp-setting new bug minor library
#1690 Overriding one signature of a multi-method in a subclass prevents access to the other signatures new bug normal core
#1520 P6metaclass cannot derive from already-`register`ed PMC type new bug major library
#1481 P6metaclass.register does not catch second registration of PMC Class new bug normal none
#545 PackFile_unpack followed by PackFile_pack produces wrong results. new bug normal core
#2135 Parrot_compile_file should take a compiler argument new todo normal none
#2173 parrot_debugger --help coredumps new bug major tools
#1074 Parrot fails to build with gcc when using --optimize on OpenSolaris new bug normal configure
#1196 'parrot foo' automatically finds and invokes foo.pbc new RFC normal none
#1078 Parrot goes into infinite loop when attempting to test exceptions with throws_like() new bug normal testing
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