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#1177 test buffer_size in t/pmc/parrotio.t new todo normal testing
#1178 Test get_fd in t/pmc/parrotio.t new todo normal testing
#1197 Need some way to copy/rename files from parrot. new todo normal core
#1205 Test exporting MMD subroutines in t/pmc/exporter.t new todo normal testing
#1206 Test more return values in t/pmc/io_iterator.t new todo normal testing
#1228 src/pmc/integer.c: Implement Complex and BigInt RHS values for the pow() functions new todo normal core
#1229 src/pmc/fixedpmcarray.pmc: get_repr() should use freeze/thaw new todo normal core
#1233 t/pmc/exporter.t: Refactor namespace getting code once make_namespace() has been implemented new todo normal testing
#1238 SDL tests new todo normal none
#1240 Explicitly clearing to be RO? new todo normal none
#1241 implementation of is_docs_link() needs more thought new todo normal none
#1242 t/pmc/io_iterator.t: Overhaul tests new todo normal testing
#1251 handle ARM mixed-endian doubles new todo normal core
#1259 src/debug.c: Correctly handle comparisons of PMCs with constants new todo normal core
#1299 create tests for Config/JSON.pbc new todo normal testing
#1300 sysinfo_s opcode incomplete new todo minor none
#1316 t/pmc/timer.t: add scheduler features to JIT new todo normal testing
#1318 ./t/pmc/complex.t: Can SKIP-ped tests be unskipped? new todo normal testing
#1320 ./t/pmc/multidispatch.t: Can test be un-TODO-ed? new todo normal testing
#1328 announce next release when announcing current release new todo normal docs
#1391 [TODO] Generate per-parrot-build GUID/UUID, stored in e.g. interpinfo new todo normal build
#1437 pbc_dump: don't skip varargs words in -d mode new todo normal tools
#1438 pbc_dump: Indicate sub/method boundaries in -d mode new todo normal tools
#1439 pbc_dump: Mark branch targets in -d mode new todo normal tools
#1442 Sub PMC should support getattribute new todo normal none
#1476 t/compilers/pct/past.t: Complete desired tests new todo normal testing
#1479 Improve random-ness of Parrot_range_rand new todo normal testing
#1615 t/pmc/class.t: implement todo-ed item: classes and methods new todo normal core
#1617 t/library/p6object.t: implement todo-ed item: ResizablePMCArray_obj new todo normal library
#1618 t/oo/metamodel.t: implement todo-ed item: tail attribute type new todo normal core
#1627 tests for Test::More::done_testing new todo normal testing
#1683 Key clone and set_pmc are broken new todo normal none
#1696 Pg.pir should supply error messages new todo normal library
#1796 PIR heredocs and encodings new todo normal core
#1805 GC threshold and other values need to be set during configuration new todo normal GC
#1962 :instanceof('Foo') is untested new todo normal imcc
#2023 Improve triggering of GC in GMS. new todo major 3.3 GC
#2112 Improved documentation about NCI new todo critical docs
#2128 Ability to build NCI thunks with Distutils new todo major library
#2135 Parrot_compile_file should take a compiler argument new todo normal none
#2174 Sharpen Support Policy for Windows, Then Implement It! new todo normal docs
#2177 Access system properties new todo normal configure
#2195 TODO: integrate ByteBuffer better with FileHandle and Socket new todo normal none
#2197 404 not found on new normal 2.11 none
#2200 gms issues on powerpc (OpenBSD) new normal 2.11 none
#2203 Invitation - Please Complete Your Profile new normal 2.11 none
#2204 $250K Term Life Coverage from $15/month new normal 2.11 none
#2205 Triple your socket capacity and clean up those messy cords new normal 2.11 none
#2206 - Obama Hits a Homerun for Homeowners new normal 2.11 none
#2207 30% Off Halloween Costumes, Lingerie and Accessories - Promo Inside new normal 2.11 none
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