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#1056 inter::progs ought to be smarter about finding linker new patch normal configure
#1071 Intermittent failure with t/pmc/os.t test 9 new bug normal testing
#1074 Parrot fails to build with gcc when using --optimize on OpenSolaris new bug normal configure
#1078 Parrot goes into infinite loop when attempting to test exceptions with throws_like() new bug normal testing
#1082 test subclasses of core PMCS new todo normal testing
#1094 Unify VTABLE_invoke semantics between PMC types new todo normal core
#1112 Subject: Draft Parrot Book chapters no longer available on new bug normal docs
#1120 [CAGE] More rigorous testing for constant tables across threads new cage normal testing
#1139 Need tests for invoke_sigobject for Sub subclasses. new cage normal core
#1143 examples/benchmarks/overload.pir requires rewriting. new cage normal testing
#1154 Handle Pending Events More Frequently new todo normal none
#1155 dynext - dll versioning new todo normal none
#1156 add_sub should append to a MultSub new RFC normal none
#1157 Whitespace before/after the dot in a methodcall is disallowed new todo normal none
#1158 t/op/01-parse_ops.t: figure out how to test parsing of pmc constant parameters new todo normal testing
#1160 t/compilers/tge/grammar.t: failure in 'two rules of the same name' new todo normal testing
#1162 Pg NCI Test Makes Unportable Connection new bug normal testing
#1168 PMC to Float conversion not working as documented new bug normal core
#1171 Lexicals and :outer not Thawed Properly from PBC new bug normal none
#1173 NCI segfaults with null pcc_params_signature new bug normal core
#1175 Get external Perl5 modules out of the parrot repo new cage normal configure
#1176 Configure-time check for whether to use powl() or pow(), since powl() is an optional posix extension new bug normal build
#1177 test buffer_size in t/pmc/parrotio.t new todo normal testing
#1178 Test get_fd in t/pmc/parrotio.t new todo normal testing
#1181 make cover doesn't show coverage of *.ops files. new cage normal testing
#1188 [RFC] Modify build directories to more closely match the install directories new RFC normal build
#1190 Replace .globalconst/.const directives by .const/.localconst (respectively) new RFC normal core
#1192 [RFE] Redesign Parrot NCI callback functionality new feature normal none
#1196 'parrot foo' automatically finds and invokes foo.pbc new RFC normal none
#1197 Need some way to copy/rename files from parrot. new todo normal core
#1201 Parrot::Pmc2c::Emitter line # error new bug normal core
#1202 build - header file detection w/o perl5 new bug normal configure
#1204 Implement all TODO comments in t/pmc/parrotio.t new bug normal testing
#1205 Test exporting MMD subroutines in t/pmc/exporter.t new todo normal testing
#1206 Test more return values in t/pmc/io_iterator.t new todo normal testing
#1228 src/pmc/integer.c: Implement Complex and BigInt RHS values for the pow() functions new todo normal core
#1229 src/pmc/fixedpmcarray.pmc: get_repr() should use freeze/thaw new todo normal core
#1233 t/pmc/exporter.t: Refactor namespace getting code once make_namespace() has been implemented new todo normal testing
#1237 docs/parrotbyte.pod && docs/pdds/pdd13_bytecode.pod are either incorrect/unclear new bug normal none
#1238 SDL tests new todo normal none
#1239 configuration: define MIN/MAX macros for all integral typedefs new cage normal none
#1240 Explicitly clearing to be RO? new todo normal none
#1241 implementation of is_docs_link() needs more thought new todo normal none
#1242 t/pmc/io_iterator.t: Overhaul tests new todo normal testing
#1243 Parrot::Test with --run-exec assumes "." is in $PATH new bug normal testing
#1246 Extra libraries on CC build command new bug normal configure
#1251 handle ARM mixed-endian doubles new todo normal core
#1253 [BUG] hash iterator interface changed, needs errata or deprecation notice new bug normal core
#1254 Update PIR Book with new (post 1.4.0) HashIteratorKey Syntax and Semantics new bug normal docs
#1259 src/debug.c: Correctly handle comparisons of PMCs with constants new todo normal core
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