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#2028 pcre is deprecated new deprecation normal configure
#2290 Personal: Not Being Able to Go? new normal 2.11 none
#2291 Personal: Not Being Able to Go? new normal 2.11 none
#1022 PGE::Glob needs docs. new todo minor docs
#1162 Pg NCI Test Makes Unportable Connection new bug normal testing
#1696 Pg.pir should supply error messages new todo normal library
#1018 pir compiler must be reentrant new bug normal imcc
#1796 PIR heredocs and encodings new todo normal core
#1302 PIR todo() is frequently misused new bug normal testing
#2202 PLEASE NO, LET TRAC BE READ-ONLY!!!! new bug normal none
#1475 [Pmc2c] make METHOD and MULTI consistent in terms of how PCC is done new bug normal build
#650 Pmc2c requires major refactoring. new cage normal build
#1041 pmc2c silently ignores bad code new todo normal build
#1802 PMC Creation Functions Can Cause Segfaults new bug major 2.10 embed/extend
#1168 PMC to Float conversion not working as documented new bug normal core
#1978 possible problem with g++ --optimize (t/pmc/float.t failure) reopened bug normal build
#1692 postgres libraries don't work from foreign HLLs reopened bug normal library
#1290 Produce Single PBC from Multiple PIR Files with -o new feature normal core
#2233 Protective Coating For Concrete, Steel and Wood new normal 2.11 none
#2251 Protect your Bed from Bed Bugs in 1 easy step new normal 2.11 none
#2332 Proven system will end your Diabetes new normal 2.11 none
#364 ptr_alignment 8 not honored, sparc 64bit broken new bug minor core
#1790 r48965 changes Boolean :multi dispatch from 2.6.0 behavior new bug normal core
#1932 rakudo on parrot RELEASE_2_11_0-656-g27c0799 executes main body twice new bug normal none
#2276 RE: Affiliate Software new normal 2.11 none
#2163 Reconsider IGLOBALS_PBC_LIBS new RFC normal core
#907 refactor Parrot_mmd_sort_candidates new deprecation normal core
#2284 Refinance Now at 2.875% (2.903% APR*) new normal 2.11 none
#2298 Regarding your Commissions new normal 2.11 none
#2087 Register allocator and lexicals bug new bug blocker imcc
#2287 Register with other professionals new normal 2.11 none
#2393 Re: Mayo Clinic Confirms You Can End Your Diabetes in 3 Weeks #22341158 new normal 2.11 none
#2125 rename parrot.h to internals.h or private.h or equivalent new RFC minor core
#2213 re: New Low Home Loan Rates new normal 2.11 none
#1190 Replace .globalconst/.const directives by .const/.localconst (respectively) new RFC normal core
#2349 RE: precious watc hes good luck to you! new normal 2.11 none
#2272 RE: Refinance Loan new normal 2.11 none
#2094 ResizablePMCArray doesn't respond to the defined_keyed() VTABLE via the extend_vtable API new bug normal core
#1486 rewrite examples/ to use hierarchical namespaces instead of flat ::-style new bug normal none
#905 [RFC] Deprecate Eval PMC new RFC normal none
#903 [RFC] Deprecate Keys at all. new RFC normal 2.6 core
#1342 [RFC] make a test_core.pir that tests which are part of coretest use, instead of test_more.pir new bug normal testing
#1524 [RFC] model and implementation of lvalue semantics new feature normal 2.6 none
#1188 [RFC] Modify build directories to more closely match the install directories new RFC normal build
#1867 RFC: optional fakecutable preamble new RFC normal 2.11 none
#1352 [RFC]: Realtime garbage collector for RTEMS new RFC normal GC
#411 RFC: Remove or fix SDL new bug normal testing
#1644 [RFC] Text format serializer for PASM/PIR constants new RFC normal imcc
#1192 [RFE] Redesign Parrot NCI callback functionality new feature normal none
#1485 runtime/parrot/library/SDL/*.pir bitrot new bug normal library
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