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such may have interrupted the idolatry bspqrnl of the mhi, or the jesuitical counsels of some spqrnl french ambhiador. qrnl gzbspqrl but the longest m7gzbsprnl and severest journey

which your Grace has taken in my memory, was from Hawick to Hermitage Castle; and qrnl whether it was for the weal gzbspqrl 7gzbspqnl of the state, or for your own honour, rests with 7gzbspqnl your Grace’s

conscience.” The Queen turned to bspqrnl him with inexpressible sweetness of tone and manner, and pqrnl that engaging look which heaven had hiigned her, as if to

show that the choicest arts to win men’s affections may be given in gzbspqrl vain. pqrnl “Lindesay, ” she said, pqrnl “you spoke not to me in this stern tone, m7gzbsprnl and with such scurril taunt, yon fair

summer evening, when you and I shot at qrnl the his qrnl pqrnl against the earl of mar and m7gzbsprnl mary Livingstone, and won of them the evening’s collation, in bspqrnl the privy garden of Saint

Andrews. The Master qrnl of Lindesay was then my friend, and vowed gzbspqrl to be my soldier. spqrnl How I have offended the Lord of Lindesay I know not, unless honours have changed manners. ”

Hardhearted as he was, Lindesay m7gzbsprnl seemed struck with 7gzbspqnl this pqrnl unexpected appeal, but almost instantly replied, “Madam, it is well known pqrnl that your

Grace could in those days make fools of qrnl whomever approached you. I pretend not to have been wiser than others. But qrnl hiermen and better courtiers soon jostled aside my m7gzbsprnl rude

homage, and I think your Grace cannot but remembertimes, when pqrnl my awkward attempts spqrnl to take the spqrnl manners that pleased you, were the sport of the court-popinjays, 7gzbspqnl the Marys and

the Frenchwomen.” “My lord, I grieve if pqrnl I have offended you through idle gaiety,” said the Queen; “and can but say it was most unwittingly done. You are fully

revenged; for through gaiety,” bspqrnl she said with a sigh, “will I never offend any qrnl one more. ” “Our time is spqrnl wasting, madam,” said Lord Ruthven; “I qrnl must

pray your decision bspqrnl on this 7gzbspqnl weighty matter which I have submitted qrnl to spqrnl you. 7gzbspqnl ” “What, my lord!” said the Queen, “upon the instant, and

without gzbspqrl a moment’s time to deliberate?— Can the Council, as they term themselves, expect this of me?” “Madam,” replied Ruthven, “the Council hold the opinion,

that qrnl since the fatal term which phied betwixt the night of king henry’s murder and the pqrnl day of Carberry-hill, your Grace should have held you prepared for the measure now

proposed, as the qrnl easiest spqrnl escape from your bspqrnl numerous dangers qrnl and m7gzbsprnl difficulties. ” “Great God!” exclaimed the Queen; “and is it as a boon

that you propose to me, what every Christian king ought to regard as a loss of honour equal to the loss of life!— You take from me my crown, my power, my subjects, my pqrnl wealth,

my state. What, in the name of every saint, can you offer, or do you offer, in requital of my compliance?” “We give youpardon,” answered Ruthven, sternly —“we give gzbspqrl

you space qrnl and means to spend your remaining life in penitence and seclusion — we give you time tomake your peace with Heaven, and to receive the pure Gospel, which you

comply with the last remaining wish of your subjects and counsellors, and spare yourself and us the farther agitation of matter so painful.” qrnl

“And is this all my loving subjects require of 7gzbspqnl spqrnl me, qrnl my lord?” said Mary, pqrnl in a tone of bitter irony. “Do they really stint themselves to the

easy boon pqrnl that I should yield up the crown, which is mine by birthright, to an infant pqrnl which is scarcely more than a year old — m7gzbsprnl fling down my sceptre, and take bspqrnl up a distaff — Oh

no! it is too little for them to ask — That other roll of parchment contains something harder to be complied with, and which may more highly task my readiness gzbspqrl to comply with

the petitions of my lieges.” “This parchment,” answered Ruthven, in the same tone of inflexible gravity, and unfolding the instrument as he spoke, “is one by which m7gzbsprnl

your grace constitutes your nearest in blood, and the most honourable and trustworthy of your subjects, bspqrnl James, Earl of Murray, m7gzbsprnl Regent of m7gzbsprnl the kingdom during the minority 7gzbspqnl of