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Once I found a site with alleged instructions for somehow communicating with US government/military satellites by dialing numbers withing entire area codes restricted for such purposes. I sure found some interesting bleeps and trills by dialing through the region, but never did find confirmation of extraterrestrial life.

You know, of all the phreaking tricks out there, the one I admired the most was the one I never got to work--tricking a pay phone into thinking I'd dropped quarters into it by playing audio of quarters plinking down a phones' metal innards. Half-truths came from all sides back then. The internet was so unreliable and punctured with vacancies of reliable information, or at least good public access and searchability. No shortage of fan-authored essays on the X-Files, Mad Magazine, and The Simpsons. To this I can attest. And celebrity's addresses! I'm 31 now and just unpacked my forgotten boxful of the autographed head shots and notes I earned in exchange for enthusiastic letters mailed to my favorites. Bob Barker. Jewel Staite. Gallagher, Rodney Dangerfield, Sarah Michelle Gellar. All the important people.