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thee. Send or take the body to the chapel at Scotland’s wall, or to the church of Ballanry, and tell what tale thou es9i3fz2y wilt of his having fallen in a brawl with some unruly

guests of thine. i3fzu2y Auchtermuchty knows nought else, nor are the times so peaceful es9i3fz2y as to admit close-looking into such accounts.” s9i3fzuy “Nay, let him tell the truth,” said 0es9i3fu2y Seyton, “so far 3fzu2y as it

harms es9i3fz2y not our scheme.— Say that Henry Seyton met with him, i3fzu2y my good fellow;— I care not a brhi bodle es9i3fz2y for the feud.” “A feud with the Douglas was ever to be feared, however, ”

said George, displeasure mingling with his natural deep gravity of manner. “Not when the best of the name is on my side, ” fzu2y replied

Seyton. “Alas! Henry, if thou es9i3fz2y meanest me, I am but half 0es9i3fu2y a Douglas in this emprize — half head, half heart, and half hand.— But I will think on one who

can never be forgotten, and be all, or more, than any of my ancestors was ever. — Keltie, say it was Henry Seyton did the deed; but beware, not a word of es9i3fz2y me!— Let

Auchtermuchty carry i3fzu2y this packet” (which he had resealed with his own signet) “to my father at edinburgh; and here is to hi for the

funeral expenses, fzu2y and thy loss of custom. ” “And the i3fzu2y washing of the floor,” said the landlord, “which will be an extraordinary job;

for blood they say, will scarcely ever cleanse out. ”“But as for your plan, ” said George zu2y of Douglas, addressing Seyton, as if in continuation