Since the engine runs when you manually feed it fuel you have a fuel problem. Start at the beginning and follow the fuel system. Can fuel leave tank and make it to the pump? Is the pump working? Does fuel make it to the carburetor? If the fuel is making it to the carb you likely have a carburetor problem. Thanks 2014 Innovations (power)

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the carb is a tillotson. it has a diaprahm in the carb which is the fuel pump. have fuel to carb. carb was cleaned out and rebuilt. tried a different carb, same model and still has same problem
If the engine runs when you squirt fuel in the throat of the carburetor it still points to a fuel/carburetor problem. Are you certain the other carburetor you tested was good? Is fuel making it to the carburetor?
Since the engine runs when you manually feed it fuel you have a fuel problem.
I'm having difficulty getting one of my carburetor boots (intake side) to slip all the way onto the carb. What can I spray on the inside of the boot to lubricate it that will not harm the carburetor?
WD-40, or silicone spray, but my concern was those things making their way into the carb and clogging jets and passages.

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...Winter Storm Warning now in effect until 3 PM CST this afternoon...

The Winter Storm Warning is now in effect until 3 PM CST this afternoon.

* Impacts: ice accumulations on area roadways...bridges and surfaces...vegetation...and power lines. The icy conditions will cause extremely dangerous driving conditions.

* Timing: 3 PM today.

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A Winter Storm Warning means significant amounts of snow... sleet...and ice are expected or occurring. Strong winds are also possible. This will make travel very hazardous or impossible.

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...Record low maximum temperature tied at San Angelo...

The high temperature was 25 degrees at Mathis Field in San Angelo yesterday...December 31. This ties the record low maximum temperature for the date...previously set in 1978.