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Re: changes for 2015 (eligibility)
Feb 02, 2015

Hello Tickets-

By checking your 2015 eligibility you could reduce your housing payment significantly.

Your exact monthly savings-statement can be seen below: (1 minute check)

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Ideally, you only want to refi once on your current mortgage. Over 53% of homeowners have taken advantage of this program. Saving an average of 500+/month:








. In Newport Beach California or the surrounding area. DH and I will be taking another car trip, to go to the beach for a few days and he has promised to take me out to eat, well, to be honest, our hotel has no mini 'fridge nor micro, otherwise, I create our meals in the room, so he has to keep that promise Being from Hawaii, we adore fresh fish done simply, nothing fancy for us. He does oysters and mussles, while I can have crab and shrimp and lobster, all the other shell seafoods or off the table for us, allergic don't ya know. I did some WWW research and I found a Marukai and Ranch 99 not far away, so that will be two dining options so far. We also dig Whole Foods (yeah I know the joke, Whole Paycheck) for their Salad Bar and whatever else type of bars they affore there as each store is different, well just have to see on that fare. In Scottsdale, they have a wine bar and a pasta bar, what a perfect pairing...


I am doing another cook for former co-workers. I did a brisket overnight on the Akorn, and cut it up into burnt ends. I am doing a pastrami, armadillo eggs and dozen ABTs today. I am also doing a Boston Butt for our Sunday meal. Here are some pics. I will post more as I go along. I used my Montreal Seasoning/Coffee concoction as a wet rub on the brisket.







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