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I would love to give this place at least 4 stars, but something is holding me back for that. So i'm going to have to trust my gut and give it 3 stars. First time I came around I needed something to eat but I didn't want to have the usuals, Tullys cafe, Jack in the box, Cafe 50s, etc etc. I checked yelp and noticed that Red Dragon had great reviews. I checked the photos and it didn't help at all so I just went in. Red Dragon has nothing to do with the inside of this cafe... LOL. It has a dragon and a British flag in the background for piss sakes! But anyways, I walked in and just stood in front of the server and he looked at me but I was looking for a menu, stood there deciding what I wanted while the server was just there....findling his fingers... OH WHY YES THIS IS MY FIRST TIME HERE WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND.... anyways, I asked if they have half sandwich half salads, which they don't which was really sad, everything on this menu is particularly overpriced for what it comes with. I ordered the Portobello Mushroom and Aged Sharp Cheddar, which in fact was DELICIOUS or the fact that I was starving.... LOL. 2nd time I come around, SAME thing happened to me. Just stood there and just looked at the menu and the server just looked at me. Whatever, I ordered a sandwich with all these veggies but they were out all of ALL the veggies! It was only 4 in the afternoon? I was like whatever. I ended up getting the breakfast combo which was the eggs, veggies and bacon. It was alright. The decor of this place was adorable, but very uncomfortable if you're wanting a regular to sit at instead of a couch or whatever.9825896132dc69c4c2660ca669ad674d