Protective Coating For Your Home or Business

eSurface Protector is a do it yourself floor coating industrial grade product. Seal and protect concrete, metal, and wood surfaces. To find out more, please visit here

eSurface Protector. #1 choice for protective floor coatings
Long lasting pool floor coatings.
For Residential & Commercial Use
eSurface Protector is the industry leader in commercial, industrial and residential floor coatings. Our diverse product line has been specifically designed to be used on any type of concrete, wood, and steel surfaces.
bullet Garages, Wooden Decks, Basements, Roofs & Walls
bullet Warehouses and Parking Garages
bullet Auto Body & Repair Shops
bullet Bars & Nightclubs
bullet Kitchens & Restaurant Facilities
bullet Manufacturing Facilities
bullet Pools and Driveways

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact us at the following address:
626 RXR Plaza Uniondale, NY 11556.

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