Are Central Banks Stealing Your Money?

Are Central Banks Stealing
Your Money?

The global central banks are at it...AGAIN!

The European Central Bank' s announcement to buy 60 billion euros worth of assets per month has sent gold prices skyrocketing higher.

First it was the U.S. Federal Reserve printing money which pumped up the Fed' s balance sheet to over $4 trillion. Now, the European Central Bank is getting in on the act too.

This keeps global central bankers in control of what your dollars are actually WORTH.

Don' t let the central banks steal your purchasing power.

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What are the central banks doing?

Peter Boockvar, chief market analyst at The Lindsey Group, said in a Barron' s article: " we' re in a world of currency battles with printing presses that are extraordinarily large...n this FX environment gold will be the last man standing and I again repeat my belief that the gold bear market is over and will go substantially higher from here in the coming years."

Gold prices have surged over 10 percent since the start of the year as global investors rush into gold to protect their assets. In plain English, the more paper money the central banks print, the less your dollar is worth.

This money printing is creating a massive devaluation of paper currencies around the world, which could wreak havoc on any of your cash in the bank, stocks or bonds. Gold is a safe haven, out of reach of the hands of the global central bankers, and investors are rushing to buy gold now.

If you act now, you can still save the purchasing power of your hard earned U.S. dollars. This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to outsmart the global central banks and put your money into a hard asset that they can' t devalue with a printing press.

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God Bless the United States,

Your Friends at Advantage Gold

PS: The central bank money printing is getting started in Europe, and Japan is in on the act too. Don' t wait. Protect the purchasing power of your money and take advantage of gold' s intrinsic and long-lasting value now.

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