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As with any type of vehicle on the market, there are several varieties from which to choose. Consumers need to consider how the sport utility vehicle will be driven, how many people will be riding in it, terrain typically covered, and possible loads hauled, among other considerations. There are three general classifications of sport utility vehicle: compact, midsize, and full size. Despite the classifications, there is still a wide range of vehicles within each grouping. As a sport utility vehicle moves up in size, it also moves up in towing ability, engine power, passenger space, and, of course, price. Even within each group, there is a range from economy to high end. Sport utility vehicle of all sizes may also be considered “crossover” vehicles, which is a term used to describe an sport utility vehicle that is based on a car platform rather than a truck platform. So before searching for your next vehicle be sure to know what kind of sport utility vehicle meet s your needs


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