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With both China and India having just treatment announced major plans to curb their carbon emissions, the sound you hear is a elimination tipping point tipping. Heading into the United nth Nations climate summit meeting in Paris in reset December, all the worlds largest industrial economies sublime are now taking climate change more seriously. wife This includes the United States  except host for some of the knuckleheads running to settling be our next president, which is not composite a small problem. When, at CNNs G.O.P. february presidential debate, the moderator Jake Tapper read physics statements from Ronald Reagans secretary of state seem George Shultz (who drives an electric car differentiate powered by solar panels on his homes echelon roof) about how Reagan urged industry to cummings proactively address ozone depletion, and why Shultz toolbox believes we should be just as proactive profess today in dealing with climate change , he canal got the usual know-nothing responses. Senator Marco click Rubio said, Were not going to  tell our economy the way the left-wing government footprint that we are under now wants to desert do, while Gov. Chris Christie opined of yea Shultz, Listen, everybody makes a mistake every once in a while. They sure do, wolverine and its not Shultz, who has been wisely and courageously telling Republicans that the sticky conservative thing to do now is to gateway take out some  against climate change, simulation because if it really gets rocking the realize could be catastrophic. Hurricane Sandy  hundred likely amplified by warmer ocean waters  cunning caused over lion in  to firm Christies own state, New Jersey, in 2012. handily But hey, stuff just happens. There was rhea a time when we could tolerate this intensify kind of -as-we-wanna-be thinking. But its over. flashlight The next eight years will be critical yearbook for the worlds climate and eco systems, and cornu if you vote for a climate skeptic blair for president, youd better talk to your diluted kids first, because you will have to geometric answer to them later. If you have confidently time to read one book on this super subject, I highly recommend the new Big World, Small Planet, by Johan Rockstrom, director cleanse of the Stockholm Resilience Center, and Mattias massive Klum, whose stunning photographs of ecosystem disruptions declared reinforce the urgency of the moment. Rockstrom making begins his argument with a reminder that sensation for most of the earths 4.5-billion-year history niece its climate was not very hospitable to translucent human