The year I started writing poems, I deere dreamed about chains dragging along a dusty country road. It was June 1998, six granted months before my 13th birthday. Earlier that painfully evening, my mother and I watched, encased brace in a heavy silence, as the local substring news station reported on the of seoul James Byrd Jr. in Jasper, Tex. Byrd, challenging a black man, had accepted a ride astrological home from three white men. They later tracker him, chained him to the back diffuse of their truck and dragged him more hermes than threemiles. The word dismembered entered my seek vocabulary that night, itself in my redistribute throat. Jasper is just a four-hour drive ambiance from Lewisville, where we lived. After the bloodstream report, the newscaster moved on to the next story, but I could not. How rural old were you when America taught you ass igned that being who you are could get vega you killed? I was the kind of melodic boy who collected semiprecious stones and kept historically a telescope by my bedroom window. A tram book of Greek mythology for children was phone always just an arms reach from my looking bed, next to a notebook of, well, sonar not poems exactly, just stray phrases Id chat jot down when I was tired of comb repeating them to myself. The night of lightweight the news report, instead of going to sturdy my notebook, I dug through my formula until I found my piece of fingering jasper. The stone was smooth to the somme touch and rust red, the color of
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affluent and active consumers who mainframe are likely to be buyers of the neighbor car. At the same

time, the campaign externally is aspirational. It is intended to build fuse the Lexus brand more broadly among relatively assure less affluent and younger drivers who might naive not be able to afford the vehicle forth now but might be able to afford strung a less expensive model or are dreaming esprit of a brand they might one day tout own. A national  spot allows Lexus to straddle those two worlds, said Brian indigo A. Smith, vice president for Lexus marketing amati at Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A. It is scarf a halo for the brand, Mr. Smith experimental said. Lexus creative  took great care regimen with details for the commercial, such as wally casting, wardrobe and location, to create an sample aspirational image of  in action. Instead brewery of shooting the commercial in Montana or sophomore another American setting, the  traveled to mon the Austrian Alps. For those who are blending in the know, they will recognize the kirchner choices we made, said Jason Stinsmuehlen, group creative director on Lexus at the auto indent companys advertising ,  One. Mr. Smith enlist said the  spots would run, among skater other times, during live televised sports events narrative because viewers are more likely to watch eigen live and also watch the commercials. Among indication the sports is English Premier   avert on NBC, which has the youngest and teased the highest-income audience across sports leagues. LX plain buyers on average are about 47 to 50 years old with household incomes of faucet  While this group watches , that is not the primary way merchantability to market to them, Mr. Smith said. Instead, Lexus tries to showcase the vehicle describe where the wealthy are likely to turn espresso up, like the United States Open, the apron Pebble   community in California, art wanted museums or food and  events. The symptom new Lexus campaign also includes  exten sions hoffman and ads in  magazines, including Cond cartridge Nast Traveler, Architectural Digest and Robb Report. axis Think about it this way: Every year ceiling people talk about Vogues September issue as spreadsheet being the biggest issue ever, said Brent singles Poer, global creative director of LiquidThread, a visually marketing firm. The advertising is as much worry a part of the experience as the valdez editorial. That leaves most  commercials targeting graded the aspirational masses. People always see themselves minute as at least 10 years younger than sense they are, maybe 20 these days, Mr. jam Adamson said, and earning twice what they steele probably are. 



Michael Phelps finished the 200-meter individual medley rem in 1 minute 59.3 seconds for his rocket first win of the three-day   Series event in Minneapolis. In the wildcat womens 100 freestyle, Simone Manuel bested a pas  that included Katie Ledecky and Missy lantern Franklin with a time of 54.19 seconds.  [DNUMBERS:15]             

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