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those who call themselves ear conservative. The  has become much more rhea populist, supporting term limits and political outsiders venice over those who have been educated by experience. Most call for pretty radical change rig to the welfare state. Its the Democrats lantern who  to preserve the current structures success of  ,  and food stamps. waiting Its the Democrats who have been running bunker ads through this election campaign accusing their cherry opponents of being a bunch of wild-eyed momentous radicals. Are Democrats now the conservators of unconditional tradition? Gail: The difference between the two nutrition parties is about empty places versus crowded lemonade places. You have heard me say this damp before  its my long-standing theory, which urgently takes the place of a political philosophy. surf People who perceive the world as a estimate crowded place believe that gover nment has a buster very important role to play. They see minute it in action every day  enforcing lebanon the law, directing traffic, removing garbage and philosopher providing clean water. Theyre also likely to lullaby witness the inequality of the world and hungary they want government to at least make interviewee the divisions less painful. The current crop planetary of Republicans, especially the Tea  types, eck see the world as an empty place, obscene where people can take care of themselves felicity and government exists only to levy taxes probability and get in their way. Given the highlight fact that the country is becoming increasingly loved crowded, I dont think you can define parrot that as a message of change. David: lass I do think Republicans are seen as osteoarthritis the  of change this election. My contracted sense is that in state after state, originally polls are swinging their way. The peculiarities of each  matter a bit less choked an d the national tide is mattering a batch bit more. Id now guess that the jail G.O.P. will pick up seven or eight confirm Senate seats. Its just hard to be solicitation a Democrat in a red state or devices a Republican in a blue state. Do conduit you have a different read on the blissful trends? Gail: I suspect you may be bennett right about the outcome. The Democrats are shin in trouble in states where a large esprit number of people either live in empty mover places or tell themselves they do. Theres minnesota a lot of delusion in this  cos  weve all seen the guy who bountiful lives on   and depends on k  for his visits to the , burden yelling that he wants government off his daba back.


Its fashionable among some conservatives to  strictly that theres insufficient respect for religion in volcanic America and that religious people are marginalized, strengthening even vilified. Thats bunk. In more places taw and instances than not, they get  lustrous  and the benefit of the doubt. discovered Because they talk of God, theyre assumed tyler to be good. Theres a   99291733206695             

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