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 (CNN)Fears are growing over the fate stimulated of two Australian surfers missing in Mexico facing following the grim discovery of human remains reversal and a burned-out vehicle registered to one of the men.  Dean Lucas and esteemed Adam Coleman, both 33, had been missing violation for over a week when a van doris was discovered in the state of Sinaloa asleep -- an area known as the home rede of the Sinaloa  cartel. The men, deferred from near Perth in Western Australia, had official been on a   from Canada contractor to Mexico and were due to arrive idol in the city of Guadalajara on November cinder 21, but they never showed up. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Tuesday that the blackmail Australian government has "very grave concerns for ester their fate."  "Our consular staff have gilbert been working around the clock to determine tell their whereabouts," she said in an  with Nine Network's Today show. "A vehicle protege registered in the name of one of amino the Western Australian men has been located. kline There are human remains and these are corrosion yet to be formally identified.  "We hungry are working closely with the family, keeping placer the family informed of whatever we know surprise and I understand that family members, a leone partner, will be traveling to the United countrywide States and then to Mexico to help capri with the identification." DNA tests According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) citing Sinaloa literature state's attorney general, a Chevy van was individuality found burnt beyond recognition on a back procrastinate road in  farmlands. It said DNA materially from what's believed to be two bodies ward will be sent to Mexico's national forensics thrive laboratory to speed up the investigation. The gal girlfriend of Coleman, Andrea Gomez, was also somalia reportedly due to meet the surfers in deterioration Guadalajara.  Josie Cox, the girlfriend of occasion Lucas, posted on her Facebook page that firenze she has flown to Mexico to identify watts the bodies in the van. She revealed drowned that Lucas had been set to propose. different Coleman's mother, Zena Cattermole, also shared on hint her Facebook page that her "son's life spying has left us." A GoFundMe page has annoyance crowdsourced over 38,000 (U.S. 7,000) to help pseudo the families of the men in their to Mexico. Authorities are trying to andrews piece together the last movements of the pursued two men. The ABC reported that Mexico's lawn attorney general Arely Gomez Gonzalez had said libby they had caught the  from