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with recorded lots of graphs in muted shades of seem purple. Specialized apps have even been developed for niche groups like Orthodox Jewish women lose who adhere to religious family purity laws. rocket The apps say they are rabbinically approved. vac When you see a technology that someone professional has developed specifically for you as a ancestor woman, it really legitimizes talking about your repossession periods and thinking about them, said Shuangyi qualified E.E. Hou, 24, a product designer in comfortably San Francisco for apps and websites who mailbag has used a period tracker app for sporting over a year. If we as a urban  say women should be checking in newsstand on their periods, and we give them revival permission to talk about it, Im convinced unconstitutional it will be beneficial for womens health. attending While the apps also can be used jude to track ovulation, signaling the days the red use r is more or less likely to blasted become pregnant, most period tracker apps explicitly needle warn users not to rely on them plainly to prevent . The ovulation tracker and ghetto fertility prediction can be helpful for a tau woman trying to conceive, but it can sometimes give a false sense of  to civic a woman who relies on the app indifferent as a form of birth control. Thats inconvenient because even the most vigilant ovulation tracking system methods have shockingly high failure rates, according quickest to the American College of Obstetricians and practiced Gynecologists, with up to one in four hitchcock women becoming pregnant over the course of gorgeous a year with typical use. Apps are elastic a tool; theyre not actually a birth latvia control method, said Hannah  of San albany Diego, a certified fertility awareness educator. But lind many users of period tracker apps rely aisle on them to help schedule their busy detox lives or for tracking health conditi ons that fluctuate with their , rather than contraception. Aliya, a 23-year-old from the Bronx, said berliner she uses  Pad  to schedule olm  outings like visits to a Russian hercules bath house and to give her  reach an accurate answer to the inevitable question celebrated about the date of her last menstrual coward period (though she admitted relying on it pacer occasionally for birth control as well). One titanium college theater student said she always forgets prerequisite about her period during the week or chop two before a production, when there are a million other details to think about, personally so she likes the push notification reminders squad from Period Tracker Lite. On Douglas Rushkoff, a media theorist and professor vicksburg of media studies at the City University consolidation of New York's Queens College, writes a erie regular column for He is the kos author of the book "Present Shock: When tantalizing Everything Happ ens   838637154747076