Surprising Look At Who's Going Bankrupt In America

Forget Russia - Here's How Trump Goes Down

Dear Reader,

He's a successful businessman who never held public office before winning the Presidency...

He's coming into power after an electoral college landslide...

And he did it by beating an out-of-touch New Yorker opponent.

Once in office, he launches a vast trade war, promising to stand up for America's heartland, with 890 increased tariffs in total.

He even slashes immigration levels to America by 90%, while cracking down on illegal immigration through deportations targeting as many as 1.8 million people.

You may think I'm talking about Donald Trump.

But I'm actually describing Herbert Hoover, Americas 31st President.

The similarities between Trump and the man who saw a Great Depression happen under his watch are eerie.

And they won't stop here.

Over the last six months, my firm and I have spent hundreds of hours (and tens of thousands of dollars) in research to reach one shocking conclusion.

My research shows...

President Trump is about to face a crisis on the level of what President Hoover saw in 1929.

But it's not the kind of crisis anyone expects.

And just like with Herbert Hoover - the crisis could shut Republicans out of the White House for a generation or longer.

This presentation reveals exactly why.


Brett Aitken
Managing Director, Stansberry Research

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