Surprise - look at the 2nd best-selling book in China

Dear Reader,

George Gilder is probably the most knowledgeable man in America when it comes to the future of technology - and its impact on our lives.

His ability to foresee new breakthroughs, years in advance, can help you in business, in life... and can even make you rich.

This is why the Publisher of Forbes calls Gilder: The "Technology Prophet."

It's why the Founder of CNET (the most widely read tech news source on the web) says, "Gilder has been a real visionary."

And now, George Gilder has published a radical new prediction, about how today's richest and most powerful technology companies are about to be upended by a big new breakthrough that's already shaking up the system.

For investors, entrepreneurs, business people, students... in short, anyone interested in what the world will soon look like, George Gilder's new thesis is a must read.

You can read all about it here...


Mike Palmer
Founding Partner, Stansberry Research

P.S. George Gilder says we will soon see the shocking fall of America's most powerful tech company. If you own stock in Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Microsoft, or any of today's big tech companies, Gilder's idea is one you must pay attention to. Get the specific details here...

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