As of NOW, a deadly NEW virus has emerged in China.
Known as the SFTS Virus… it has already killed 7 people and infected 60 others in a matter of weeks.
And health experts are worried it could quickly spread and kill thousands.
What’s worse?
Survival expert Damian Campbell believes an even deadlier virus than SFTS could be set to break out in the next 3-6 months and kill 10x as many people as died during the 2020 pandemic.
Tragically, even though Campbell predicted the first pandemic… it still caught most people totally by surprise.
And as he sees a SECOND deadly pandemic on the horizon…
He fears history will repeat itself and thousands of lives will be unnecessarily lost yet again.
And that’s why he wrote a brand new book called “Pandemic Sucker Punch.”
Inside he reveals the proof of why a second pandemic will devastate us again very soon…
He also reveals how these deadly outbreaks are being exploited by our government to gain even more control over the population!
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