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mpositionThe Supreme Court is composed of the Chief Justice, twenty Justices. The Chief Justice is appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Constitutional Council. S/he is appointed from among the justices having at least three years as a Supreme Court justice. Justices of the Supreme Court are appointed by the President of Nepal on the recommendation of the Judicial Council. The Judicial Council is a five-member independent body headed by the Chief Justice along with a minister of law and justice, most senior justice of supreme court and two distinguished jurists representing the Prime Minister and Nepal Bar Association. The Chief Justice and the justices of the Supreme Court have to be confirmed by the Parliamentary Hearing Committee before they can be appointed by the President. The administrative head of the Supreme Court is the Chief Registrar. In addition to the Chief Registrar, one Registrar and four Joint-R egistrar are appointed to lead different departments of the Supreme Court and offer administrative assistance to the Court. Officers of the Supreme Court are appointed by Government of Nepal under the recommendation of the Judicial Service Commission.Justices of the Supreme Court are appointed from among the judges who have worked for seven years as judges of the High Courts, or Gazetted first class officer of Judicial Service for minimum 12 years or have worked as any Senior Advocate or Advocate with minimum practicing experience of fifteen years, or a distinguished jurist who has worked for minimum 15 years in the judicial or legal field.Justices of the Supreme Court hold their office till the age of sixty-five. They may be removed through an Impeachment (motion) passed by a two-thirds majority of the House of Representatives on the ground of incompetence or bad moral conduct or dishonesty. The Chief Justice and the Justices may resign from office at any time by submitting resigna tion to the President.The Supreme Court was formed on 2013 BS (1956 AD). The first Chief Justice of Nepal was Hari Prasad Pradhan.Composition of the Supreme Court (as of 19 April 202