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ebody empties the bank accounts of many people, including Babu Anna (Akhilendra Mishra), an underworld don, via an Internet theft. The police are clueless about the robber, and Anna wants revenge. In another story, Jai Malhotra (Shahid Kapoor) lives with his best friend, Sonia (Kim Sharma). He meets Neha Mehra (Kareena Kapoor) and falls in love with her instantly. At first, Neha rejects Jai, causing him to attempt suicide. After Sonia chastises Neha regarding Jai's actions, she then falls for him too. One day, Jai sees Neha trying to hang herself after getting a phone call. She tells him that her dead father owed a huge amount of money to Babu Anna's underworld. To repay the amount, he became part of a gang of hackers who were responsible for the Internet thefts. After his death, Babu's Anna underworld began pursuing Neha to recover the money. Jai and Neha try to sell their apartments to get enough money, to no avail. A visit fro m a client leads Jai to consider robbing a bank to get the necessary money. At a bank, Jai spots a rich man named Vikram Singh (Fardeen Khan) withdrawing a huge sum of money and instead decides to steal from him. However, Vikram catches Jai during his attempts to break into his house. Instead of reporting Jai to the police, Vikram demands an explanation for his actions. Upon learning the whole story, Vikram reveals that he is the hacker behind the internet thefts but agrees to help Jai. In return, Jai has to take the blame for the thefts. Jai agrees, gives the money to Neha and turns himself in. Jai is escorted by police to be introduced for the trial, but Anna has his men intercept them to kidnap Jai. A shootout results between the gang and police as Jai is able to escape and runs to Neha's apartment, only to find both Neha and Vikram waiting for him. He is horrified to learn that they conspired against him to steal all the money, and Neha's love was just a ruse to con him to take a fall. Jai escapes from the apartment but is shot off a train by a police officer. Even though his body is not found, he is presumed dead. Two months later, Neha and Vikram start getting anonymous phone calls. Neha believes that the calls are from Jai and that he is still alive. Jai, who is very much alive, is bent on getting revenge on both Neha and Vikram. Jai makes life miserable for both Vikram and Neha. One day when Neha and Vikram go out for a movie, Vikram finds Neha hanging by her neck in the toilet, and Neha confirms that Jai is alive. Vikram, out of rage, tracks Jai down and severely beats him up, threatening to murder him if he comes back into their lives again. Vikram then reports Jai to Babu Anna, thus giving him a whiff of the affair. This does not deter Jai as he later blackmails Vikram by kidnapping Neha, forcing him to turn himself in. Vikram obliges and is led to Neha; however, all three are intercepted and taken hostage by Babu Anna and his gang, demandin g all his money from them. Jai cleverly deflects Anna and forces Vikram to transfer Anna's money back into his account. Catching them off guard, Jai and Vikram finish Anna and his gang. In the melee, Vikram has Jai cornered, but Jai finally overpowers him. However, Neha strikes Jai hard from behind, allowing Vikram to gun Jai down. Vikram and Neha mock Jai as they watch him struggle with his fatal injuries. Jai stuns the two by rising with Babu Anna's gun and shoots Neha in the forehead, killing her instantly, to Vikram's horror. Jai collapses and boasts about settling the score for once whilst finally succumbing to his injuries, leaving Vikram alone to grieve over Neha's corpse. Later, a news report reveals that somebody has made a very hefty and generous donation to the Missionary Charity Fund, whilst Vikram is shown heading out in a boat. Thus it is implied that Vikram gave away all of Babu Anna's money to charity as he no longer has any good us