I remember when I first came across eBooks in 2005.

I was slaving away scrubbing toilets at McDonalds for $5/hr. And at night, struggling to build my online business.

But after learning I could attract quality prospects to an email list with a short lead magnet… in fact, create whole products by self-publishing a few thousand words...

I was hooked!

And promptly spent the next 3 weeks writing up a couple of reports.

A real pain in the ass if you ask me.

Particularly the boring parts:

Tediously editing and formatting each page…

And design work. Don’t get me started.

sweating intensifies

Let’s just say my design skills were… okay… so to make any report or info product look real nice, I had to hire a freelance design expert...

Which the last time I checked a few weeks ago, could easily cost up to $450 for a good report. Yikes!

That’s why when I saw this new eBook creation technology last week -- I almost fell out of my chair.

It was created by a super cool dude, Adeel.. who's a digital entrepreneur.

After decades as a fast food employee and starting multiple small online businesses…

He’d finally had enough of the weeks wasted trying to create appealing reports, eBooks, or other digital info products.

So he spent 6-figures on creating a technology that allows anyone…

To create eBooks within 60-seconds!

Yep, it’s that crazy effective. Now you can slash hours off your day, and pump out digital ebooks and reports…

With content...

At the push of a button.

I know, it’s a game-changer. In all my 16 years selling online I’ve never seen anything like this.

Check out all the details here:


ory begins with Shah Jahan, known as Prince Khurram (Zulfikar Sayed) when he is about 19 years old. Khurram was Emperor Jahangir's (Arbaaz Ali) favourite son, whom Jahangir wanted to be the future Emperor of India, along with his wife Nur Jahan (Pooja Batra), who was well aware of this fact. Noor Jahan was married once previously, but when her first husband died, Jahangir married her. Ladli Begum (Kim Sharma) is Noor Jahan's daughter from her first marriage. Noor Jahan is a shrewd lady, who wants the best for herself and her daughter and she aspires for Ladli Begum to marry Prince Khurram so she that she will become the Empress of the Mughal Dynasty. Khurram's passion for hunting leads him into a jungle, and one day while hunting he meets Arjumand Bano. Their meeting was love at first sight, with Khurram attracted to Arjumand Bano's innocence and beauty while Arjumand was impressed by Khurram's great personality. Arjumand Bano is Asaf Khan's (Aly Khan) daughter, Empress Noor Jahan's brother. Khurram and Bano again meet at the Meena Bazaar, where finally both of them declare their love for each other. Ladli Begum comes to know about their love, but she keeps on wooing Prince Khurram. Noor Jahan sees this love as a hindrance to her plans of making her daughter the future Empress of India and she succeeds in turning Emperor Jahangir against his own son, Khurram. Noor Jahan sends her secret lover and the warrior Mahabat Khan (Milind Gunaji) to fight Khurram and to kill Arjumand Bano. As a result, a war takes place in which forces are also sent by Emperor Jahangir against Khurram. When Khurram meets Jahangir, he declares that Arjumand Bano was more superior to him than the Mughal Dynasty. As a result, relations become even more bitter between the father and the son. However, Arjuma