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Where the cold sore virus really hides.

nesia had been a chance to start their relationship anew. Nikhil believes this and reconciles with Simar. Tanya contacts Nikhil with new information but he finds her shot dead. He informs Chamanlal that he has been having vivid flashbacks to the night of the accident, and has an idea where Kabir was buried. They drive out and dig up the body, which has been preserved in the snow. The corpse's face is exactly the same as Nikhil's. "Nikhil" realises that he is in fact Kabir, and had been the one having an affair with Simar. It is revealed that the real Nikhil was emotionally abusive toward Simar. Kabir saw Simar being abandoned by Nikhil at a party one night and they began their affair, but after a while, Simar became too obsessed with him. On the night of the accident, Kabir had been trying to leave Simar, who threatened to commit suicide if he did. Nikhil had arrived and started a fight with Kabir, which ended when Simar ki lled Nikhil with her gun. They buried the body in the snow but on the way back, Kabir blamed Simar for the murder and declared that they should go to the police. In the ensuing argument, Kabir lost control of the car, which resulted in the accident that changed everything. In the present, Kabir is angered that his identity has been robbed by Simar, who took advantage of his amnesia and ordered plastic surgeons to reconstruct his face like Nikhil's. He and Chamanlal decide to bring Nikhil's body to the police but are stopped when Simar shoots Chamanlal. She still wants Kabir to accept Nikhil's identity so they can be together but Kabir refuses. Simar tries to kill them both so they can be together in death; Kabir escapes but Simar does not. The final scene is of Kabir arriving at the police station, carrying Nikhil's corpse with him. The end credits begin over footage of Kabir explaining his story to the office