DronePro 4K: The 4K Drone Taking the World by Storm
Equipped with a crystal clear 4K camera, automatic gesture recognition, trajectory control, a wide-angle lens, and altitude holding, the DronePro 4K delivers professional performance for a not-so-professional price.
  • Captures Stunning 4K Video.
  • Light, Compact, and Easy-to-Use.
  • Performs Better Than Brand-Name Drones but Costs Far Less.
  • Mobile Control.
  • One-Touch Takeoff and Return.
  • Altitude Hold.
  • Anti-Collision Protection.
  • Trajectory Fly.
  • Follow Me Mode.
  • Gesture Photography and Videograph.


he film begins with news clips reporting on how the anti-Romeo squads formed in the state of Uttar Pradesh, tasked with preventing Eve teasing and harassment of women at public places, are harassing young couples in the name of morality. Goldie Kaushik (Jaideep Ahlawat), the leader of Bharat Nirmaan Party's Youth Wing in Kanpur, beats up young couples seen together in the name of protecting Indian culture. Given his political position, police officer ACP Yadav helps him in his activities. Vipul (Kunaal Roy Kapur) is chastised by his father for his joblessness and loitering around the city, while his girlfriend Shaheen (Karishma Sharma) does not like his opposition to Kaushik, ultimately breaking up with him for this reason. Desperate to win back her affection and earn money, Vipul along with his friend Saurabh (Zeishan Quadri) decides to open a hotel for young couples. Together they rent an old lodge owned by Saurabh's uncle (Zakir Hussain) and make him a partner in their hotel named "Hotel Milan: Khilte Hain Gul Yahan Khil Ke Bikharne Ko". They charge customers on hourly basis and very soon the hotel becomes a popular destination for young couples to spend time together without the fear of anti-Romeo squads and public shaming. The trio is reaping a huge profit daily and Shaheen makes up with Vipul. Shaheen and Vipul book a room in the hotel on Valentine's Day but instead go to a nearby dargah on Shaheen's insistence. In Vipul's absence, Kaushik reaches the hotel with his goons. They vandalise the premises and beat up Saurabh and his uncle. Kaushik's goons drag out the couples from their rooms and thrash them mercile